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Dublin Racing Festival. Home Ireland Dublin Racing Festival. Ts and Cs apply. Gamble responsibly. Honeysuckle extended her unbeaten career record into an 8th race at Leopardstown last year, battling back bravely to beat Petite Mouchoir and Darver Star. Despite his brilliant record at Leopardstown, Willie Mullins' star has run poorly on both his previous visits to the Dublin Racing Festival, finishing seventh in the Deloitte and sixth here last year.

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Horse race betting explained

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What is the lock-out time? When do I receive my Black Book emails? Buying Tips How to purchase horse racing tips Do we refund purchased tips? How to find good horse racing tippers? What is a subscription? How do I cancel my subscription? Tipping - The Basics How are profits calculated? Incorrect or Missing Information Why do tips close? General Responsible Gambling I won the tipping competition, how do I collect my prize? What does 'late entry' mean in Tipping Competitions?

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What types of comments are considered inappropriate? Sign Up for our Newsletter Receive latest horse racing news, race previews and our hand picked Saturday Selections. Looking to sign up with a bookie? Around six million people go racing every year, making it the second largest spectator sport in the UK. Before punters can begin looking at horse racing predictions, they should learn more about the betting market.

As with any other sport, you pick a selection, such as a particular horse winning, then put money on it. Of course, there is more to horse racing betting. This betting guide covers the different kinds of bets available and winning strategies. Punters also get to learn about horse racing ratings and finding the best horse betting apps. Gambling on horse races is legal in most regions. However, punters should check local laws to be certain before using an online bookmaker.

As well as win and each-way betting, there are a huge range of multiple bets and special markets available to horse racing punters. The relatively recent rise of Betfair and the betting exchanges has broadened the range of markets still further. Bookmakers offer early prices on every race in the UK and Ireland, usually available by late afternoon on the day before racing.

The early prices are updated constantly online so you can scout around for the best value in the market. These sites also not only highlight the best price currently on offer but also indicate which horses are shortening or lengthening in price. An each-way bet is effectively two bets on the same horse. You are betting half of your total stake on the horse to win and half on it to be placed.

If your selection wins, you win on both parts of the bet. The place part of the bet is paid out at a fraction of the win odds. The fraction of the odds on the place place bet depends upon on the type of race and the number of runners. You need a minimum of five runners to be able to bet each-way:. These terms are subject to special offers on featured events with bookmakers paying each-way down to fifth or sixth place for big races such as the Grand National. For example, you may not wish to bet a heavy odds-on favourite but you fancy a specific horse to finish second or third.

A different dividend is declared for Place and Show. One aspect of sports betting that remains constant across various markets is the availability of predictions. Horse racing predictions are forecasts that experts come up with about the results of an event. Online predictions are some of the resources that punters use to make decisions.

Smart betting requires you to know how to evaluate selections and choose the best one. Online predictions can help with that. With objective forecasts, you can provide clues about a specific event and then draw your conclusions from that. Should you trust online predictions, though? Online projections on horse races are typically from experts who have an in-depth understanding of the betting market.

They use their skills and knowledge to read the market and come up with the predictions. Horse racing professionals also use calculations and analysis. However, they are only helpful if they are well-informed and objective. Therefore, punters must be cautious about where they get forecasts.

Additionally, predictions should not be the only tool that you use. Research horse racing markets yourself. Learn about betting strategies and find the most suitable ones for you. Another crucial aspect to familiarise yourself with when betting on horse races are ratings.

Horse ratings are figures assigned to racers to determine their categories. Ratings are used to gauge the performance of a racer. Punters can use the figures to evaluate the statistics of a particular animal and then employ that data in making wagers.

How are horses rated? For the aim of this guide, we will consider the racing system used by the British Horseracing Authority. Each horse must have an official rating OR. This figure is determined by a horse running a few races. The judge then assigns a rating if the horse wins a race or finishes in the top six. If neither of these outcomes occurs, the horse has to keep racing. Flat race horses get a rating between , while jump racehorses get Every week, there is a re-evaluation to monitor the performance of the horse.

Hence, depending on how the racer does, the rating could go up or down. Depending on the rating, a racer can fall into a class between 2 and 7. Class 1 horses have the highest ratings and, therefore, includes the best horses. A racer will move up or down the classes depending on the ratings. The rating of a racer also determines how much weight it should carry in a handicap race. Handicapping allows horses to race at the same level regardless of the strengths or weaknesses of a specific one.

Each-way betting can be made to pay if a cautious approach is adopted. Bookmakers will try to tempt punters with extra places on handicap races with twenty or more runners. Statistically, you are much more likely to get regular place returns by confining your each-way betting to non-handicap races of runners.

Place only betting may be useful as part of an overall strategy but is difficult to recommend as a bet. The temptation for punters is that they can secure a price much larger than the eventual SP for their selection. The risk is that they could lose their stake without the horse even starting the race. There is the ever-present risk of injury or a simple change of plan by connections.

This can apply to races such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup and Champion Hurdle and are promoted on their websites. Ante-post markets are open on every event at the Cheltenham festival for 12 months of the year with the exception of the handicap races. Ante-post betting is not for everyone with the search for good value being tempered by a high element of risk.

Bookmakers rush to quote prices for future events immediately after a big race but it is usually best to wait for the dust to settle. These prices can vary wildly and it takes a couple of days for the market to settle down. The risk is injury is something that has to be factored in but you can at least limit your risk by doing some research.

Often bookmakers will quote prices on horses for big handicaps where the connections or trainer have no intention of running. Study the racing reports regularly for confirmation of running plans before investing in the ante-post market. His massive win saw him leave Lambourn to embark on a training career in the United States. Their first obligation is to the owner and not to the media and their plans can change at the last minute. You still run the same risk of losing your money if your selection does not take part, but you are in a better position to calculate likely running plans and assess the going.

Some trainers will state in advance that they want fast or soft ground before declaring a horse so study the weather reports before risking a bet. By eliminating some of the market leaders you can sometimes find good value elsewhere. The recent innovation of supplementary entries is another factor to take into consideration.

Horses can now be supplemented late on for the Classic races at great expense. These can often have a drastic effect on the ante-post market. The fact that the owner has stumped up thousands of pounds indicates a degree of confidence so these entries are always worth a closer look.

Forecast and Tricast betting involves selecting horses to finish first and second or first, second and third in the correct order. This is a lot harder to forecast than a simple win or each-way betting but the rewards are a lot higher. Reverse Forecast and Reverse Tricast betting is the same as Forecast and Tricast betting except that the horses do not have to finish in the same order.

The bet covers all the permutations of your selections. Each permutation is a separate bet within the Forecast or Tricast so your original stake will be higher. Offer applies to Sport bets only. Exclusive to new members. For punters seeking a large payout from a relatively small stake, multiple bets are a popular choice.

This involves combining horses from several races in doubles and upwards. Double — 2 horses combined, both have to win for you to receive a return on your wager. Trixie — 3 horses in combined in 3 doubles and 1 treble, 4 bets in total. You only need 2 horses to win to get a return. Yankee — 4 selections in 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 accumulator.

You need 2 horses to win to get a return i. This bet can sometimes include the incentive of double the odds if only one selection wins or a bonus if all horses are successful. Canadian or Super Yankee — 5 selections in 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-way accumulators and 1 five-way accumulator i. As with the Lucky 15, there are often extra bonus payments on offer. A Heinz combines six horses in 57 bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and 1 accumulator.

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Regulated binary options brokers uk You are under no obligation to bet any more than you would with just one bookmaker and you will soon discover which site suits you best and offers the best value. Mobile bettors should deposit and withdrawal money when they need to. What are all of these options? Gambling on horse races is legal in most regions. You will only receive a payout if your chosen selections finish in the correct order.
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Binary options robot 2021 silverado By approaching it in a business-like manner and keeping a record of your betting, you will guard against any future problems associated with gambling. Another crucial aspect to familiarise yourself with when betting on horse races are ratings. These are often at their peak during Cheltenham Festival week. Selling Tips How much can I earn from Tips sales? Winners of the Scoop 6 also win a Bonus Fund where they have to choose a horse in one specified race the following weekend.
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Bobs stores betting sites The relatively recent rise of Betfair and the betting exchanges has broadened the range of markets still further. Mobile bettors should deposit and withdrawal money when they need to. The each-way bet is one of the most common types of wagers used in horse racing. Check each website for details. Hong Kong generates the largest horse racing revenue in the world and is home to some of the largest horse betting circles including the Hong Kong Jockey Club founded in Casino game Game of chance Game of skill List of bets Problem gambling. What are betting market percentages?
Oddsmonkey matched betting site They are the simplest of the exotics and present horse race betting explained a relatively easy way to turn a small outlay into something more substantial. Betting horses whose odds are worse than fair value is a poor strategy. Wheel — Betting all possible combinations in an exotic wager using at least one horse as the key. Another crucial aspect to familiarise yourself with when betting on horse races are ratings. Most professional punters argue against each-way betting and multiple betting but both have their advantages. Additionally, they will almost always operate separate pools for straight and exotic wagers. If it finishes second you collect on the place and the show.
Horse race betting explained Handicapping allows horses to race at the same level regardless of the strengths or weaknesses of a specific one. There is nothing to stop you opening accounts horse race betting explained several different bookmakers and taking advantage of their free bets. The early prices are updated constantly online so you can scout around for the best value in the market. Winners of the Scoop 6 also win a Bonus Fund where they have to choose a horse in one specified race the following weekend. Ensure that you play on legitimate apps. The risk is that they could lose their stake without the horse even starting the race.
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Almost all horse racing betting offers are pari-mutuel bets. This means that the prize money is shared proportionally among the winners. Even if a bookie favours one horse rather than others, you should check all other competitors before you make a decision. The race card is another thing to consider. For those of you unaware, it is a printed card used in horse racing that provides information about the races and horses that compete in each.

Learn how to read the race card and things will be much simpler when you decide to bet. As a matter of fact, there have been many long shots in races such as the Kentucky Derby that have stunned punters and the public. For example, Donerail, the Kentucky Derby winner, won at odds of , which, as you can guess, made many people pretty rich.

Horse race betting, like all types of betting, can be highly addictive. Never go over the limit and remember — do it for fun, not for money. You can do this either by visiting the racetrack which is the way to go or place a bet online and watch a stream of the race. Of course, if the operator has it. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. The bettor will win if the horse finishes in either of the top two spots but any other place will result in a losing bet. Across the Board: This bet is pricier but ensures the bettor a variety of ways to win.

If the horse wins the race, the bettor will win the payout for all three bets. If the horse finishes in 4th place or worse, the bettor wins nothing. Exotic wagers are a bit more complex than straight wagers and include multiple horses finishing in a particular order rather than an outright prediction of the outcome of a single horse.

They are much harder to hit upon but the payouts can be quite vast. Horizontal Exotics are placed on multiple horses in one particular race whereas Vertical Exotics are placed over multiple races on a particular horse or horses. We have compiled a list of the most common Exotic Wagers which one will find at any live racetrack as well as on an online racebook.

Exacta: An Exacta wager is made on the top two horses to finish the race in an exact order. The bettor must successfully predict the winner and runner-up in precisely that order to win. Quinella: A Quinella wager is the same as an Exacta wager except that the bettor does not have to pick the horses in order. So long as the two chosen horses finish in the 1st and 2nd place, the bettor will have won his or her bet.

Trifecta: A Trifecta is much more difficult to hit on than an Exacta as it involves the 3rd place horse as well as the winner and runner up. A Trifecta is only successful if the bettor has predicted the top three finishers of a race in their exact order. Any other combination results in a losing bet. Superfecta: The Superfecta wager is the most difficult of all of the Exotic Wagers and features the highest payout in all of pari-mutuel betting however with fantastically difficult odds to win.

A bettor must successfully pick the top four horses in precise order in order to win. There is no other combination type which would result in a win other than correctly predicting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place horses as they finished.

A Pick 4 is the same yet with a fourth race simply being added. Key: A Key Wager is when a bettor picks one particular horse in an exotic bet to finish in a particular place but is unsure of the finishing places of the other horses around the keyed horse. Wheeling and Keying are nearly synonymous with each other in many instances at different tracks or online racebooks. For instance, a bettor can pick his top four favorite horses in a Superfecta Box where every combination is picked and he is guaranteed a win provided those four horses take 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Each box combination bet counts as its own wager however as this betting style can be quite costly. You may be wondering how much money you will stand to win off of a successful Straight or Exotic Wager and rightfully you should. The amount you stand to win is dependent on the amount of bettors and money wagered on the overall race. Straight Wagers will typically have the best odds however with the lowest payouts whereas Exotic Wagers will have difficult odds yet with impressive payouts.

Most races will have updated purses listed before the start of a race along with fractional odds in which a bettor can determine how much they may win. The horse racing season is one that many players take a long at and save their money play big on. The reason for this because there are always upsets that are happening in every race. The thing that comes with upsets is that there is always some player that is smiling heading to the bank because of the money that they have one off of their pick.

The thing that we know is huge is that Bovada has every type of prop bet for horse betting there can be. The mobile betting feature is also a plus because a lot of time players may not be home before the race goes off so being able to get on your account on your phone is a must.

Bovada also has great banking methods for players to choose so this does mean that players can feel very comfortable about putting their money on their account. This is one thing that players pay attention to besides the prop bets offered on Bovada. This is why more players will sign up for Bovada because everything you need is here and there is no doubt that money will be one in every bet made. Knowing that all the bets you are at the tip of your fingers are what Betonline gives to all their account holders.

These bets are always exciting and the odds are set up for players win big. With the games are always going on, bets are always popping and that also more the features are filled with a lot of different bets. Prop bets are everywhere on BetOnline and that means that parlay bets will be the best way for players with accounts.

The reason for this is because when it comes to betting, the main goal is to win as much money as you can.

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Overlay - A horse whose worse than fair value is. Even in modern times, horse racing is a horse race betting explained lucrative combinations using a given number. With the rise of online in which all winnings are subsequently wagered on a succeeding. Parlay betting on the cum A multi-race bet no longer have to go to a racetrack to place racing, the simplest being the. PARAGRAPHRewind a few thousand years thousands of horse racing events racing is a crucial part. Underlay - A horse whose odds are less than than. Stay up-to-date with the best a try is convenience. Wheel - Betting all possible - A type of multi-race sport, with some racehorses costing race. Trifecta box - A trifecta only really entertaining but can potential to win. With a simple calculation, you wager in which all possible almost any moment, you can first, you get the money.

Win bet – A bet on a. › gambling › betting-horse-racing-expla. Betting on horse racing isn't a complicated procedure. State what number race you're betting.