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She is a businesswoman and fashionista. Best known for her showbiz success, Jonida is also an accomplished businesswoman. She owns an exclusive boutique in Tirana. The fashionista regularly recycles her wardrobe giving items away to relatives or charity. She has also starred on TV shows. The causes range from breast cancer to Down syndrome. Often at the end of the year, she donates food and clothing to help orphans. Jonida speaks and writes Italian fluently. She learned the language at school.

Best experience with matiastravel? Jonida has been performing on music stages in Kosovo since she was a teenager. She adores the Kosovan people for their hospitality, nationalism and love of art. Many of her friends hail from there. Jonida possesses a love for many things, but cooking is not one of them. But must of the time she prefers to order in. My daily rutine with the best food products baronesha Photo: edvinameta.

Before her days coaching up-and-coming artists on The Voice , Jonida taught in a more conventional setting. The songstress secured an Academy of Arts degree for canto under the guidance of the renowned Nina Mula. Students remember her as disciplined and dedicated. She felt their support from the beginning, even her ex-husband influenced her artistic career for the 17 years they spent together.

Her son Dan is seven-years-old. After Eurovision, she has promised to take him on vacation to make up for their time apart. Dashuria ime e perjetshme mban emrin Dan?? Jonida got her first tattoo at Some have changed and transformed in line with her personal evolution. The coolant pump for the hybrid system may fail resulting in the hybrid electronics overheating. If the hybrid electronics system overheats, it may shut down the powertrain, resulting in a stall-like condition, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and replace the original Motor Electronics Coolant MEC Pump with an improved brushless pump, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on October 27, The affected vehicles may have steering gears that were incorrectly assembled. The incorrectly manufactured steering gears may cause impaired steering, including the loss of steering control, increasing the risk of a crash. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the steering gears, free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin on September 8, The affected vehicles may have an incorrectly installed EPAS gear motor position sensor magnet that can lead to a total loss of steering control while driving. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the EPAS steering gear, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on July 7, Ford Motor Company is recalling , model year Taurus vehicles manufactured November 24, , through February 28, When used in areas that use road salt, the license plate lamp assembly may experience an electro-chemical reaction and corrosion as a result of water intrusion.

This corrosion may result in a short circuit, increasing the risk of a fire. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the license plate lamp assemblies, free of charge. The company Ford will also notify owners in non-corrosion states, and -- at the customer's request -- dealers will replace the license plate lamp assembly.

Steering, rust and floor mat problems are prompting Ford to recall 1. In an announcement made on Thursday, the automaker said it is recalling , Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs, which — according to the website -- have a problem with a torque sensor within the steering column. This could make the vehicles hard to control, increasing the risk of a crash..

In addition, Manufacturing. That's not the end of it. The website says Ford is also calling back more than , model year through Taurus sedans. Rust around the license plate light can cause a short circuit and fire. The cars were sold in 20 states and Washington, D. Floor mats interfere with the accelerator s pedal if not installed correctly. The mats will be replaced. A Ford spokeswoman told Manufacturing.

The driver and passenger seatback assemblies may have been produced with sub-standard weld joints used to attach the seat back recliner mechanism to the seat frame. The back of the subject seats may become loose or lean while driving and potentially increase the risk of injury in certain crashes. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the seatback, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin around May 19, Consumers rate Ford Cars and Trucks But after mulling the situation for more than a year, NHTSA has decided to close its inquiry and do nothing, even though "the closing of this investigation does not constitute a finding that a safety-related defect does not exist," Automotive News reported.

Well, NHTSA notes that Ford has started a "customer satisfaction campaign" to address problems with the engine throttle body in Fusion and Escape models and their Mercury equivalents, the Mariner and Milan. Customers who visit their dealers can have the powertrain control module software reprogrammed. They'll also get a warranty extension to 10 years or , miles. In cars where the throttle body malfunctions, the car displays a wrench-shaped light in the instrument cluster and goes into "limp home mode," allowing the cars to be driven home or to a repair shop with engine speeds limited to rpm.

Due to improper manufacturing conditions, some of the windshields may form bubbles after an extended time in hot temperatures. The presence of bubbles may hinder driver's visibility thereby increasing the risk of a crash. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and replace the windshield if bubbles are present, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on, or about, January 27, Owners may contact the Ford customer relationship center at Ford's recall campaign number is 11C Due to a manufacturing error, the transmission range sensor may not function properly allowing the affected vehicles to be shifted out of the Park position without first applying the brake pedal.

Without requiring the brake to be pressed, the vehicle may be unintentionally shifted out of Park, allowing it to roll which may result in a crash. The recall is expected to begin in January The Ford Escape is a popular and hot-selling little SUV but it's also spending a lot of time in dealers' service bays having recalls attended to. The latest recall affects about , of the Escape models. It deals with a problem in the 1. The company said that "localized overheating of the engine cylinder head" could cause cracks, which would allow oil to leak and ignite if it fell onto a hot surface.

Ford has had its share -- and then some -- of fires caused by fluids dripping onto hot engines. In yet another recall, about 9, Escapes with the same engine are being recalled because repairs resulting from a previous recall may not have been done correctly.

In that case, damaged fuel lines were used in some of the cars, creating the potential for fuel leaks. The EcoBoost engine has had more than its share of problems and is the subject of at least one class action lawsuit that charges the engine tends to stall at highway speeds. However, there is an underlying condition that is causing this to happen that needs to be addressed.

In February, Consumer Reports magazine singled out the EcoBoost in an article that found turbocharged engines often don't live up to their promise of enhanced mileage and improved performance. The magazine's report cited the collection of Ford Fusions with EcoBoost engines as illustrating how turbos can fail to deliver. The smaller engine — a 1.

Ford Motor Company is recalling 2, year Focus Electric vehicles manufactured September 15, , through August 23, In the affected vehicles, a powertrain control module software problem may result in a stall-like condition. An unexpected loss of power while driving increases the risk of a crash. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will reprogram the power control module, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin by late November Ford's recall campaign number is 13S In the affected vehicles, there is no audible chime when the vehicle is operational and the driver's door is opened.

Without an audible door chime, a vehicle owner may open the door and exit the vehicle without being reminded that the vehicle is still operational, leaving the vehicle susceptible to theft. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will update the software for the door chime, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin at the end of October Ford's recall number is 13C Manning Equipment Inc.

LLC is recalling 37 model year Ford F, F and F gasoline engined dual rear wheel chassis vehicles manufactured October through June The tailpipe on the exhaust system does not extend out beyond the edge of the body, allowing heat to build up in rear curbside storage compartment, which could result in fire. Manning Equipment has notified owners, and dealers will install tailpipe extensions free of charge.

The recall has already begun. Severe corrosion can seize the lower intermediate shaft which may cause the upper intermediate shaft to collapse and the steering column lower bearing to separate. This could cause the vehicle to experience a loss of steering, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford will notify owners and dealers will replace the lower intermediate shaft, free of charge. The upper intermediate shaft and steering column lower bearing will be inspected to identify any damage that may have occurred as a result of lower intermediate shaft corrosion, and repaired or replaced as necessary. The recall is expected to begin October 21, Owners located in non-corrosion states who have concerns regarding their steering will have a one-time option to have their vehicles inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

Owners of these vehicles should contact Ford directly about these vehicles. Due to a wiring incompatibility, the front side marker lamps may not function. Without the proper illumination of the side maker lamps, the vehicle may be less visible in night time conditions, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will modify the headlamp assembly wiring, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in mid-August In the affected vehicles, with sufficient door openings and closings, the child safety locks may change from an activated position to a deactivated position without notice. If the child lock is deactivated, the door could be unlocked and opened from the inside which could lead to personal injury to an unrestrained child. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will test the safety locks.

If necessary, the locks will be replaced free of charge. The recall is expected to begin August 5, Ford's recall number is 13S Ford is recalling 20 model year Fusion vehicles manufactured April 19, , through April 23, The steering gears may be missing an internal retaining clip. If the clip is missing, components inside the steering gear may become dislodged inside the gear assembly. That could cause the loss of steering control, increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the steering gear, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in mid-June Three Ford owners are suing Ford Motor Co. In February, Consumer Reports magazine was highly critical of turbo-charged engines, including the EcoBoost, saying they often fail to return the acceleration and fuel economy. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division in Columbus, charges that Ford has known of the problem for some time because it has published several technical service bulletins about the problem, Automotive News reported.

The engine was introduced in Two of the plaintiffs in the suit say their Ford Taurus SHO lost power and stalled several times. Another plaintiff says his F pickup lost power while accelerating. Check engine light was flashing and vehicle had loss of power.

The dealer replaced the catalytic converter but the consumer said the same thing happened again on March 4, , when the truck had about 30, miles on it. The dealer replace the ignition coil and spark plug. But the truck stalled again on April 27 with 34, miles on the odometer. The vehicle occasionally shudders when accelerating. It will 'miss' and then 'catch' and accelerate when pressing the gas pedal," the Ford owner said. They indicated no awareness that this was a 'known issue' with the car.

The lawsuit does not apply to vehicles with the three- and four-cylinder EcoBoost engines. The most commonly-cited problem is aptly called the "limp home mode. The function is built into the engine control system. It's supposed to be triggered only by a serious engine problem and is meant to allow the driver time to maneuver to a safe place before stopping.

ConsumerAffairs has been hearing about this problem too. Randy of Jacksonville, Fla. Was is in the middle lane but was able to nurse it to the shoulder," he said. Ran fine for another 20 minutes and the engine shut down again.

Restarted and made it to the house. Don't tell me that there is nothing wrong Ford! I was on a bridge at the time with no shoulder and coasted to the end of the bridge to pull over. I could see the cars behind me fearing I would get hit," she said. I was able to get home. I am very worried now after reading hundreds of incidents of this same occurrence! This is unsafe and I am very upset. NHTSA said it has recorded 1, complaints about the problem, with three crashes and one injury so far.

Besides stalling, NHTSA siad the affected vehicles may also surge unexpectedly as the rpms increase to prevent stalling during limp mode. An earlier throttle problem in the Ford Escape has been fixed, Ford said. It is not thought to be related to the stalling problem. Ford is recalling certain 6, Escape vehicles manufactured from October 5, , through August 31, , equipped with 1. The cylinder head cup plug freeze plug may become dislodged resulting in significant loss of engine coolant. As leaking engine coolant evaporates on the hot engine, the glycol may ignite causing an engine compartment fire.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will seal the existing plug and add a secondary plug cover, free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on, or about, September Ford Motor Company is recalling model year Ford Escape vehicles equipped with the 1. Ford estimates that there have been approximately 11, of these vehicles produced and distributed for sale in North America, with most in the U.

Ford is recalling about 10, Expedition, F, Mustang and Lincoln Navigator vehicles from various model years. The company said the transmission may not go into reverse or, in some cases, the back-up lights on the rear of the vehicle may not illuminate when it is shifted into reverse. Ford will notify owners and dealers will inspect and replace the transmission range sensor as needed. Nearly two years after it recalled more than half a million Windstar vans sold in 21 states and the District of Columbia, Ford is recalling 27, of the vehicles that were sold or are currently registered in Virginia.

The problem is that corrosion from salt and other chemicals used to melt ice and snow from winter roads can cause the rear axlw to corrode and possibly fracture. Although the District of Columbia and Virginia are adjacent to each other -- and, in fact, what is now Arlington County, Va.

Ford will notify owners of the vehicles, which are no longer in production, and install rear axle reinforcement brackets, or replace the axles if necessary. In a way, the technology behind this new feature is relatively simple. The auto stop-start system simply turns the engine off automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop, then switches it back on when the driver wants to go. However, while this fuel-saving gear can cost over a thousand dollars on some models, Ford is pushing auto start-stop at an affordable price, as part of a strategy to brand its vehicles green.

Other engines in less expensive models will get slightly lower miles per gallon. A new six-speed transmission will also add fuel economy by more finely matching the most efficient gear at any speed. The new face for this car comes after Ford has recalled many thousands of Fusion cars from the and model years because of possibly faulty wheel studs. For drivers who never thought fixing a car would mean debugging software code, recent news from Ford might be a bit of a wake-up call.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that Ford is issuing owners of Explorer, Edge, Focus and Lincoln vehicles a USB flash drive meant to solve issues with some of the computerized on-board systems that have been giving drivers problems.

Drivers are reporting serious malfunctions of these features, including blank screens, errors in calculating mpg, and other big glitches. But Ford is also looking at fixing the new PowerShift transmission on some of its Fiesta models and other vehicles; a New York Times report from late last year shows drivers are also experiencing problems with improper shifting. Meanwhile, both Consumer Reports and J. Power and Associates have slammed Ford in recent reports, citing the infotainment and transmission issues.

Both of these top consumer rating venues dropped Ford more than a few slots in the most current review of auto makers, mentioning these high-tech errors. For its part, Consumer Reports has been reviewing the Ford touch-screen for months. A video from the site shows auto engineer Tom Mutchler pointing out some of the inherent problems with these systems early in the game.

Among them: the buttons on the touch screen are small, and there are a lot of them. Using them while driving is difficult, even if everything is working smoothly. However, Ford is taking the criticism of its touch-screen design seriously and promising to both work out bugs and increase the size of future touch controls.

The Bloomberg report and other coverage reveals that Ford owners can use the USB drive themselves to update the technology, or less tech-savvy drivers can take the drive to a dealership for new software installation. This kind of nuts-and-bolts administration of a car repair based solely on software programming represents part of a quick and extensive sea change in automotive technology.

Say good-bye to the Ford Ranger. The last of Ford's small pickups rolls off the assembly line sometime next week. When it does, Ford's Twin Cities plant in St. Paul, Minn. Auto industry analysts say that over the last few years, Ford put more of its money into the full-sized F, offering more and bigger rebates and upgrading the bigger truck's styling and fuel economy.

Basically, we're told, Ford did such a good job with the F that it put the Ranger out of business, as truck buyers discovered they could get a full-sized for about the same price as the little Ranger. Of course, it didn't help that the Ranger shared many of the problems of its bigger sibling.

On the 9th hole tee box, a ranger came up and asked if I owned a F I said yes. He said 'It's on fire. The fire department Captain said it was an engine fire that started on the driver's side. This caused it to spin, losing control, and go off the freeway, rolling sideways down a hill next to the freeway. The truck is a loss. The driver suffered injuries," Carlos told ConsumerAffairs. It demonstrated instability at mph on the curves, and on one occasion, after starting it uphill, even on dry road.

The last Ranger reportedly will go to Orkin, the pest control company, whose fleet includes many Rangers. Orkin is probably a typical small-pickup user. It doesn't haul big loads and needs the maneuverability and ease of operation offered by a smaller truck. Besides being good light-duty work trucks, Rangers were also popular with consumers who used them to commute to work as well as for weekend handyman and lawn-care chores and for the occasional hunting or fishing trip.

Those who needed a heavy-duty work truck opted for the F or similar models from Chevrolet, Dodge and Toyota. The energy crisis of the late s built demand for lighter, smaller trucks that didn't guzzle as much gas and the Ranger at one time commanded a healthy share of the market but sales fell off rapidly in the late s and early s, prompting Ford to close its Edison, N. Today, the St. Paul plant is producing only or so Rangers per day and by the end of the year, the plant's year run will be over.

It's an economic blow to those who worked there and also to Minnesota, which has lost , of its , manufacturing jobs in recent years. No doubt there's a market for baristas and Walmart greeters, but for semi-skilled workers in the Twin Cities, the Ford plant closing does little to brighten spirits as dawns. A Chicago-area lawyer says Ford exaggerated and misrepresented the features in its factory-installed SYNC navigation system, which can't be upgraded to get the advertised features.

Steven Rouse, who has filed a class-action lawsuit against Ford in Cook County Court, says he started shopping for a new car in and wanted a high-end, voice-activated navigation system. Rouse wanted the voice-activated system so that he and his wife would be better able to safely transport their children to weekend sporting events and other activities.

But when he went to the Ford website to register his new vehicle, he learned that the SYNC system in his car and all other Lincoln MKTs did not include the TDI package and thus would not provide audible turn-by-turn directions. Rouse called his dealer and Ford's customer service department.

Both told him that not only did his car not have the TDI feature but it was not available for that model and could not be installed. The suit accuses Ford of violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, breach of warranty, fraud, unjust enrichment It seeks to represent all consumers who purchased a similar Ford model based on Ford's representations.

Ford is recalling about , F pickup trucks from the and model years. The company said the interior door handle spring may fracture, causing the handle to fail to return to the fully stowed position. Owners will be notified and instructed to take their vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln dealer if any interior door handle is loose. Dealers will fix the problem free of charge when the recall begins in mid-February. Owners may contact Ford about Recall No. For years, Ford and federal safety regulators were criticized for moving too slowly to recognize and remedy a fire-safety risk on millions of Ford vehicles.

Now it's Ford owners who are the target of a recall reprise. Federal regulators say that an estimated 8. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA urged owners of the 14 million vehicles recalled between and for leaky cruise-control switches to take their unrepaired vehicles in to dealers. The switches on those vehicles may leak into the antilock brake system, dripping onto hot engine components and causing a fire, even hours after the vehicle has been shut off and parked. Among the models that have been recalled over the years are E series, F series, Windstars, Explorers and Rangers.

The agency said that about 60 percent of the 14 million recalled vehicles -- or 8. For years, ConsumerAffairs. In a real-life version of the iconic firehouse fire, we have several reports of firemen complaining that their Ford trucks burned to the ground while parked outside the firehouse. More routine are complaints such as this from Craig of Lake Zurich, Ill.

Looked out the rear view mirror and there was a line of fire coming towards my truck. Threw the truck in park and opened the door to get out. The flames were already coming up from the bottom of the truck. Jumped over them and ran for safety. The truck burned to the ground.

The truck had been parked for over 10 hours. It also burned a car parked next to it, the parking garage and melted the vinyl siding on my house. Plus the damage to my house and garage. Today's statement singled out used-car owners who may not know whether the vehicles they bought had ever been returned to dealers for needed repairs. It also urged owners "to watch for potential warning signs of an imminent fire.

Those signs include a cruise-control system or brake lights that stop working, low brake fluid and the illumination of brake warning lights on the dashboard. Ford has notified owners about the recalls a number of times, company spokesman Wesley Sherwood said. The repair rate for the Ford models has been "likely lower than typical" because of their age, he added. A Ford owner can check whether a vehicle has been recalled and repaired by entering the vehicle identification number VIN on the following site: www.

The settlement, observers say, was likely an attempt by Ford to avoid an additional award of punitive damages, which could have increased the company's liability by tens of millions of additional dollars. On March 31, , Cole was en route from Mets training camp in Florida to his home in Mississippi when his Explorer rolled over, ejecting him from the car and killing him. His year-old cousin Ryan walked away from the accident.

Tab Turner, the Cole family's attorney, said that Brian was wearing his seat belt, but that it malfunctioned when the car rolled over. The case was a fresh reminder of the Explorer's nearly decade-old travails. Beginning in , the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA opened an investigation into the vehicle's unusually high incidence of fatalities -- over people had died in accidents involving Explorers -- and was initially unsure whether the problem lay with the vehicles themselves or the Firestone tires with which they were equipped.

Firestone eventually got the lion's share of the blame; 3. Turner, who has specialized in Explorer rollover cases for ten years, said the jury "put zero percent of the fault on Brian Cole and percent of the fault on Ford Motor Co. Despite the settlement, Ford remains adamant that the accident was a result of Cole's reckless driving, and continues to insist that he wasn't wearing his seat belt. Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans accused the court of denying Ford "a fair trial by excluding evidence that the jury should have heard and considered about Brian's driving and the speculative nature of plaintiffs' claims.

His passenger, who was properly belted, walked away from the accident. Interestingly, though, in January Ford settled another lawsuit alleging failure of an Explorer seatbelt during a crash. In that case, plaintiff Lynn Wheeler was riding in the center rear seat of an Explorer when the car was rear-ended, allegedly causing the latch to malfunction. The seat collapsed on top of Wheeler, who was thrown into the center console and paralyzed from the neck down. Wheeler's attorneys said Ford knew the center rear lap belt was defective, but put off fixing it in the interest of saving money.

That case, too, was settled after the jury handed down a verdict but before it decided on possible punitive damages. It's only a matter of time before car entertainment systems are replaced by Internet-connected devices. At the Consumer Electronics Show CES , Ford has brought that day closer, not with a car-mounted computer, but an in-dash interface that connects with existing devices.

Ford's reasoning is simple. Tech-savvy consumers already have a smartphone or other device that connects to the Internet and can access information and entertainment media. What they need is a better, safer way in which to access it while in the car. Based on the Microsoft Auto platform, it allowed drivers and passengers to connect portable media players to their vehicle and interact with devices and vehicle systems through spoken commands.

At the time, MP3 players were the devices of choice. Since then, smartphones and netbooks have come along, and PC tablets are on the horizon, allowing consumers to access, not just music, but all types of information available on the Internet. It is designed to make it easier to interact these increasingly complex devices while minimizing driver distraction.

For example, one app will read aloud a recipients text messages while the device is connected. Some apps will work only when the car is in park. The new system features a pair of 4. In addition, there's an eight inch touch screen and, of course, SYNC's voice command technology. Rather than include a computer that will become obsolete long before the vehicle, Ford's technology will be an elaborate interface used to control the consumer's existing device, such as a smartphone.

MyFordTouch will make it easier, for example, to call up and play Internet radio stations. Easy access to other entertainment channels could soon be in the works. Ford is working with Electrobit, a provider of embedded software solutions to the automotive and wireless industries, to create an interface to allow phone application developers access to SYNC. Thus an application programming interface API , which acts as programming interface for a particular phone platform, will enable phone software developers to create new applications for the vehicle, taking advantage of the input mechanisms and vehicle data the Ford SYNC platform provides.

The interface has already impressed the auto industry, with Edmunds. Ford executives think consumers have been pleased with the company's initial technology systems and have high hopes for the upgrade. Ford expects 80 percent of its fleet to carry the new technology within five years. However, safety advocates concerned about driver distractions like texting and talking on cell phones might have reservations about the plethora of new data available in the front seat.

November 2, Mazda is recalling B Series trucks from the and model years. The recall applies to vehicles equipped with Texas Instruments speed control deactivation switches or anti-lock brake systems which were manufactured before December 5, A component of the cruise control deactivation switch may deteriorate over time and develop a leak, which could cause the switch to overheat and burn, causing a fire under the hood.

The fires could occur even when the engine is not running. Mazda will notify owners that dealers will install a universal fused umper harness on the cruise control switch free of charge when the recall begins around November 13, The Ford Motor Company says the parts needed to fix the fire-prone speed control system in millions of Ford cars and trucks are available at dealerships around the country. The Ford recall has dragged out for almost a decade as safety investigators struggled to identify the cause of the fires.

The recall to repair a defective cruise control system eventually involved more than 12 million vehicles. When the massive recall was announced in August of , the automaker found there were insufficient parts available to repair the cars and trucks at risk of catching fire.

Ford is now prepared to install a fused wiring harness into the speed control electrical circuit or to replace the speed control deactivation system if it is found to be leaking. Owners of all affected vehicles will be notified by mail," according to Ford. In the latest announcement, the automaker said it is "voluntarily recalling a number of vehicles equipped with speed control to repair the system in order to address the possibility of a fire.

Ford continued to warn consumers not to use the speed control system in a recalled vehicle until the repairs are complete. While the most recent notice on the Ford Web site downplays the possibility of a car or truck fire because of the cruise control switch, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA has warned owners of Ford cars and trucks that carry the defective speed control system to have the vehicle repaired or the system disconnected immediately or risk the vehicle catching fire.

The firestorm of Ford trucks burning across America has erupted again, destroying a Virginia home and spreading destruction in 3 other states. The devastation follows strong warnings from federal safety regulators to millions of Ford truck owners that the vehicles are a clear and present fire hazard.

A Ford F caught fire in the middle of the night in Waynesboro, Virginia April 24 destroying the truck, two other vehicles and burning the truck owner's home to the ground. The Ford owner was awakened in the early morning hours by the family pet to "find our Ford F engulfed in flames and to soon see our other two vehicles and our home destroyed by fire.

The truck is presently under lock and key and the investigation continues," the Ford truck owner told ConsumerAffairs. The truck owner reported that on May 15, "after driving my Ford Expedition around doing errands" he parked the truck in his driveway. The fire destroyed the Ford Expedition and the fire department reported to the owner that, "it appears the fire started in the front driver side of the engine compartment.

May 21 in Duluth, Georgia a Ford F burned. The owner reported that he had received a recall notice from Ford about the defective speed control deactivation switch SCDS but the recall failed to emphasize the danger of a truck fire. The recall notice mentioned a possibility of the truck catching fire even when the truck is off. There was no urgent warning in the recall.

I even asked the Ford number operator how serious this problem was after my truck went up in flames and he replied very, very remote. The Georgia truck owner lost his F to the blaze and the driveway was damaged because of the heat from the fire. The Ford recall of cars and trucks to repair the defective cruise control system covers more than 12 million vehicles, including the F that burned in Georgia.

Nevertheless, the most recent recall notice posted on the Ford Web site downplays the possibility of a truck fire. However, owners who are concerned should park their vehicle outside until the repair is completed. Ultimately, the best action for customers is to have their dealer perform the repair as soon as possible," Ford stated on its Web site. I received it about three weeks prior to the fire. I teach, and I had it on my list of to-do items for this week, our first week out of school for the summer.

I got the impression from the notice that this was not an extremely serious problem, he told ConsumerAffairs. Ford promptly denied the claim citing 2 recall notices had been sent prior to the fire and they were not responsible," the owner said.

Ford has repeatedly denied liability for its fire-prone cars and trucks forcing some burned-out owners to take their complaints to court. At least four wrongful death suits have been filed against the automaker in fire-related incidents. In the most recent recall notice posted on the Ford Web site, the automaker continued to refuse responsibility for vehicles that have burned. The automaker said owners "should work with their insurance company to address these concerns.

The recalled vehicles are: 1. With the regularity of a piston engine, Ford trucks continue to spit out spark plugs, and some Ford truck owners are now reporting that Ford trucks are suffering from the expensive engine defect. Ford dealers and customer service reps still insist to some customers that the expensive engine flaw is a rare occurrence, reacting as though they had never heard of a Ford truck with a blown spark plug before. The owner of a Ford F equipped with the V Titan engine and 79, miles on the odometer said he received that runaround from Ford.

Last week the number 4 spark plug on the driver's side blew out of the head, he wrote. Called Ford customer service and they act like I'm the first one to have this happen. Faced with angry customers paying expensive repair bills many Ford dealers are conceding there is a problem with the truck engines.

One Ford owner in Panama City, Florida received both stories. Ford pretended the spit spark plug problem did not exist. His dealer was more forthcoming. My local Ford dealer tells me they are averaging 3 or 4 vehicles per week with the blown or broken spark plug issue, the Florida man said. The continuing problem with Ford engines blowing spark plugs strongly suggests a used Ford truck, especially a Ford truck from the to model years, is a risky purchase.

Joe bought a used Lincoln Navigator with a big 5. The Navigator looked like a great deal. While driving to a union meeting my Lincoln Navigator made a sound like the exhaust had blown apart, he said. The check engine light came on as the truck began to lose power. Joe limped it another mile to the meeting, popped the hood and found that gasoline had leaked over the entire back side of the engine, he said. Joe found air and fuel coming out of the hole where the number 4 spark plug should have been and fuel shooting out from where the plug had lodged in the engine.

The ignition pack for that plug was shredded, Joe said. He had owned the used Lincoln Navigator for just three weeks. So much for under book, Joe said. Ford refuses to accept responsibility for the affair that has cost thousands of consumers thousands of dollars each. Admitting an engineering flaw could cost the struggling automaker hundreds of millions of dollars in repair costs.

Joe has another answer: Anybody willing to buy a 98 Navigator with a junk yard engine or can you say Honda? A Grayson, Georgia Ford owner found his own spit spark plug in a model year truck. I own a Expedition Eddie Bauer 5. It had about miles on it when the plug blew out, the Georgia man truck owner wrote ConsumerAffairs. In Watertown, Connecticut a Lincoln Navigator spit a plug. The owner bought the truck used with only 55, on the odometer.

The problem started in June when it spit a spark plug out of the head shattering the coil pack. Ford engines with low mileage spit plugs as well. My Ford Lighting with 46, miles blew out the number 3 spark plug while sitting at a stop light, an Arkansas Ford truck owner said.

The Ford Motor Company is attempting to declare an end to the almost decade-long effort involving six recalls of cars and trucks flawed with a fire-prone cruise control system, even though only about 34 percent of the flawed vehicles have been repaired.

The Ford vehicles covered by the recalls have a faulty cruise-control deactivation switch that can develop a short circuit and spark a raging fire, usually when the truck is parked and unattended. After almost nine years of recalls and hundreds of fires in Ford cars and trucks, the automaker will send "final repair notices" to 3. The final repair notice is theoretically the last time the automaker will attempt to warn owners of the affected models.

However, Ford said the "final" notice isn't really final. After being delayed by a shortage of parts, the recall effort is now picking up speed, Ford said. We are ramping up suppliers and final repair parts quicker than planned, said Wes Sherwood, Safety Communications Manager for Ford. We sent 1. We will send about 3. Sherwood said that Ford has already mailed most customers involved in the earlier recalls four to five letters, to notify them of the recall.

We also go through considerable expense purchasing independent auto registry data that tracks vehicles by VINs as opposed to the owner information in our records that customers may not necessarily update when they move or purchase a vehicle, Sherwood said.

The independent registries allow us to get the most current customer contact information that we are aware of because they track service records and state-level ownership changes. The recalls of Ford cars and trucks containing the faulty cruise control switch began in and covered Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles from Ford reported to NHTSA earlier this year that just more than 4 million of the recalled vehicles have been repaired to date. Ford also reported , of the recalled vehicles were not delivered, exported, stolen or scrapped.

That leaves more than 7 million Ford cars and trucks in the U. The reports suggest a gap between Fords final repair notices and vehicles still on the roads containing the flawed cruise control system. The automaker repaired The second recall of 4, Ford cars and trucks resulted in a In Ford recalled 1,, vehicles because of the faulty cruise control switch but the repair rate dropped to There were two Ford recalls for the fire prone cruise control switch in The first involved , vehicles.

Ford reported repairing 76, for a The second Ford recall involved 4,, vehicles. Ford reported on February 28 that , of the cars and trucks were repaired for an In a strongly worded and highly unusual statement , NHTSA in February warned owners of the recalled vehicles to go to a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer as soon as possible and have the potentially dangerous cruise control system disconnected. Regulators warned the switch could cause a vehicle to catch fire even while it is parked and the ignition is off.

The switchs function is to cut off the cruise control when the driver taps the brakes. NHTSA advised consumers in the February warning that many Ford dealers would disconnect the switch as a drive-through service and interim repair until parts are available. Ford safety communication spokesman Sherwood would not confirm or provide company numbers of how many vehicles Ford has repaired.

Recalls technically never end as there are never percent completion rates, which is why we keep them open well after most customers respond, the Ford safety spokesman said. The Ford spokesman conceded that the automaker underestimated public response to the safety recall and failed to obtain sufficient parts to repair the fire-prone Ford cars and trucks. Sherwood said the automaker is now ramping up suppliers for the parts needed to repair the cruise control switch.

Sherwood said Ford had not stockpiled enough parts for the unprecedented demand for repairs last September, after the August recall. That demand, along with the parts shortage has led to repair delays, frustrating and angering many Ford owners. I feel that Ford is not being honest about the completion of the repairs for this recall.

I was told in August of that the repair parts were delayed and they would be in October. That soon became February of Now I am told the dealers do not know when the parts will be available. I can not get a straight answer from anyone, wrote a Ford owner in Everett, Washington. The agency also received 1, complaints or allegations of engine compartment fires related to the switches before the investigation was closed in August I was coming back from the grocery store and I stopped to grab my trash cans when I smelled something burning under the hood, wrote the Texan.

All of the sudden flames started coming out from underneath the hood against the windshield before I could even shut the door, he said. I've had all recalls fixed by a Ford certified dealer. I had the truck for almost two and a half years and it always ran fine and had no problems.

I am guessing it had something to do with the recalled part, since my story is similar to other people who had the problem, he said. At about 12 p. I was awoken by a passerby yelling that my truck was on fire, the owner wrote. I ran outside to discover my Explorer engulfed in flames. Here we are in with I don't know how many recalls on the Explorer and mine just burned up, she said. The truck had been sitting in the driveway for about 5 hours. We heard the alarm going off.

When we looked outside the engine compartment was completely engulfed. Before the firefighters got the fire out it had burned everything but the bed of the truck, the owner wrote. Two Ford fires reported to ConsumerAffairs. The recall for the Explorer Sport Track covers and model years. Approximately 1 a. When I looked out the window to investigate I saw smoke billowing out from the front wheel wells.

Within seconds the smoke turned to flame. The owner said the truck was last driven the afternoon before the fire and added, We had never been informed by Ford of any problems with the vehicle. A Ford Expedition parked in a homeowners carport is suspected as the cause of a fire in Madison County, Ohio that killed a woman and her two children.

The origin of the fire was narrowed to a foot space in the carport although investigators have not yet determined the cause. The Columbus Dispatch reported that the origin of the fire has been narrowed to a foot space in the carport although investigators have not yet determined the cause.

Peter Romans, who survived the fire that killed his wife and children, told investigators that the fire started in his parked Ford SUV, according to the news paper. Their bodies were found near the back door of their house,.

The Ford Expedition suspected of igniting the fatal blaze was included in the Ford Motor Company recall of 9. The Ford recall began in It has dragged on because of the sheer size of the recall effort, a shortage of parts and a lack of urgency by regulators. Several dwelling fires have been attributed to the faulty cruise-control switch which can overheat and erupt into flames.

After years of fires involving Ford vehicles, NHTSA on February 28 warned Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners of fire hazards involving the faulty cruise control switches in recalled Ford vehicles that have not been repaired. In a strongly worded and highly unusual statement, NHTSA urged owners of the recalled vehicles to go to a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer as soon as possible and have the potentially dangerous cruise control system disconnected.

Ford is once again preparing to notify the owners of the affected vehicles to have the switch disconnected until it can be repaired, according to NHTSA. Fatal fires allegedly caused by the defective switch have led to wrongful death lawsuits against Ford by several vehicle owners. NHTSA reported that approximately five million vehicles have been repaired so far, leaving almost five million passenger cars and light trucks with the faulty switches intact, and in danger of catching fire at any time without warning.

The firestorm of Ford trucks erupting into flames has devastated Ford truck owners across the country. The Ford inferno hit a homeowner in Chisago City, Minnesota in January when her Ford Expedition started on fire parked in our attached garage. We have now lost everything we owned, wrote the Ford Expedition owner. The home we built not even 2 years ago burned to the ground, she said.

Another Ford truck went up in flames in Westminster, California on January This homeowner is fortunate. He lost only his Ford truck and not his house as well. A Ford spokesman told ConsumerAffairs. This was a large recall, and we're working with the supplier to meet the volume challenge as soon as possible, the Ford executive told ConsumerAffair.

Ford concedes a parts shortage is delaying repairs of the fire prone cruise control system in the recalled vehicles until later in As a short-term solution, Ford offers to disconnect the cruise control system in recalled vehicles until parts are available to complete the repair. Some Ford dealers now require customers who decline to disconnect the cruise control system to sign a waiver of liability. With just more than half of the fire-prone Fords repaired, the automaker insisted the company is responding adequately in an effort to notify Ford customers to return their vehicles to a Ford dealership for repair of the fire hazard.

We have sent multiple mailings to customers, based on current vehicle registrations, asking them to bring in vehicles. We have one of the highest return rates in the industry, based on update registration info, and sending multiple mailings, a Ford spokesman told ConsumerAffairs. I heard a loud BOOM and then horns going off. I thought it was a wreck.

When I looked outside a large gulf of flames was burning dangerously close to the house and truck, he said. We kept the flames from hitting the house until fire department got there. The outrageous -- but common -- story of Ford vehicles catching fire was reported over and again throughout the country in February as NHTSA talked and worried in internal agency meetings about whether to issue the consumer advisory. I was awakened by 2 small booms about a minute apart.

I got up to check things out to find my F in the driveway fully engulfed in flames as well as my boat parked about 15 feet away beginning to burn, the Illinois truck owner reported. The truck, boat, contents, asphalt driveway are total losses, he said. We heard a loud boom which caused the dogs to start barking, the truck owner said. When the Monticello fire department arrived 30 minutes later the truck was still burning.

I had just parked at a Burger King for lunch. The truck caught fire minutes after I enter the restaurant, the owner said. The truck was fully engulfed when firefighters finally put out the fire. I am grateful no one was in the vehicle at the time but I am out the only truck I owned. Surprisingly every Ford rep was extremely rude and acted as though it's my problem not theirs, this Ford truck owner reported. After driving the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes it was parked in the driveway, the owner said.

Approximately 1 hour later the engine compartment was on fire and became engulfed within minutes. Fortunately the vehicle was not in the garage. The inept Ford Motor Co. The rash of Ford Motor Co. No one knows precisely how many fires have occurred or how many lives have been lost.

On February 28, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA -- years after it first learned of the problem -- took the unusual step of issuing what it called an "urgent warning" to more than 5 million owners of Ford vehicles that are likely to catch fire. The safety agency advised that the fire danger is present regardless of the age of the vehicle, and could even occur while the vehicle is parked and unattended.

NHTSA urged owners of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and some passengers cars that are equipped with the faulty cruise control system to have the system disconnected immediately before the vehicle catches fire.

Disconnecting the system is a temporary solution that is necessary because Ford has failed to obtain the necessary parts to properly repair the recalled vehicles. As the rampage continues, NHTSA safety officials are warning people with the recalled Ford cars, trucks and vans to bring their vehicles to a dealer repair shop immediately to have the cruise control switch disconnected.

NHTSA reported that many dealers will perform the temporary fix as a drive-through service so owners do not have to leave their vehicles at the dealership or schedule an appointment in advance. There was no indication from the federal safety agency whether any steps have been taken to require Ford to produce the needed parts for a permanent repair. Almost five million vehicles have been repaired, according to Ford, leaving more than five million passenger cars and light trucks on roads, parking lots, driveways and garages throughout the country with the faulty switches intact and in danger of catching fire.

In early February, the automaker was placed in the embarrassing position of having to recall , Fords for the second time to repair the fire prone cruise control system. Ford concluded that the initial recall to prevent a fire was ineffective because the replacement part failed to function as promised.

The clumsy and confusing Ford management of the recall is destroying the trust many Ford owners once had for the venerable automaker as they are put off time and again by dealers without the necessary parts to repair the fire hazard. Ford is obviously not much concerned about timely corrections of safety issues, he said. I had the cruise control disconnected in August and the part is still not available to complete the repair, he said. I am still waiting parts for the Ford cruise control recall to become available to my local dealer.

I drive a Ford Ranger and cover long distances several time a month. The dealer has expressed frustration with Ford's inability to make the repair parts available or to even give a reasonable date they could be expected, he told ConsumerAffairs. Ford issued the same excuse to a motor home owner in Lakeland, Florida.

We had to cancel our spring trip as we have on idea when or if Ford will get around to sending a kit for our repair, the retired Ford owner told us. One Pennsylvania Ford owner was able to find a dealer with the parts to repair the cruise control switch but the repair took two attempts by a Ford technician.

They replaced the switch on the brake master cylinder and added a fused link into the connecting harness. When I arrived back home I took a look at what had been done and noticed what appeared to be fluid appearing around the crimp of the switch, he said. The truck owner returned for a second time to the Ford dealer.

The dealer then took my truck inside and replaced the replacement switch. This does not give me a secure feeling knowing the new switch immediately leaked. Something needs to be done about this problem. This has gone on far too long without a satisfactory solution.

How can I trust this? The inability of ford to provide parts to complete the recall is repeated over and again throughout the country. In Tucson, Arizona: Ford didn't have the recall part so they disconnected the speed control. Said they'd have the part in a month and to come back then. Called just before Christmas. Told part not in. Called back January. Called back in February. Meanwhile I have no speed control since last Fall.

I live in a big state. Is there any way to light a fire under Ford, he asked. I'm tired of the stonewalling. Without the proper Ford parts, the interim repair is all that is left to Ford owners driving the dangerous and fire-prone vehicles.

NHTSA assures consumers that the fix will eliminate the risk of fire while affected Ford and Mercury owners are waiting for final repairs from the trouble automaker. In a highly usual statement, NHTSA urged owners of the recalled vehicles to go to a Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer as soon as possible and have the cruise control system disconnected.

The unrepaired Ford, Lincoln and Mercury SUVs, pickup trucks, vans and certain passenger cars contain a safety defect that could cause the vehicle to erupt into flames, according to the NHTSA statement. The safety agency said the fire danger is present regardless of the age of the vehicle, and could even occur while the vehicle is parked and unattended.

Several dwelling fires have been attributed to the problem. Many dealers will perform a short-term fix as a drive-through service so owners do not have to leave their vehicles at the dealership or schedule an appointment in advance, according to NHTSA.


Upstairs, in a dingy dressing room, Conchita is eating a hamburger. Seated in front of a large mirror, she wears pink and grey sweatpants and a black jumper. In the mirror she can see a reflection of tonight's costume — a black leotard with brass-studded shoulder pads — and the grease running down her beard.

He started cross-dressing as a child, and from an early age his classmates called him a faggot. Fire drills were a nightmare. I really felt stressed out all the time. Eurovision has already turned Conchita into a gay icon, and she's headlined gay pride events and Eurovision parties in Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin and beyond.

I ask her about Tom. Conchita is in my life because she expresses my beliefs better. I'm sitting alone on the eighth floor of a London broadcasting tower staring at a picture of myself on a TV monitor against a background of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The lights are hot and my forehead is shiny. The monitor is pointed at me like a gun. I can't see them, but three time zones to the east in a Moscow TV studio, a live television audience is erupting into hysterics as Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy, the twins singing for Russia, walk into the studio to film a special programme about their journey to Eurovision Their parents and grandparents sit with them on the stage, while the audience waves red, white, and blue balloons.

One month earlier, the girls had released a video for their entry "Shine" — disposable pop about love and perseverance. But the song seemed to hint at Russia's territorial ambitions. But it seems something was lost in translation. The Russian media report that I believe the twins are deliberately provoking Ukraine and I'm invited to appear on this show.

I feel as if I am about to be fed to the lions. Back in the Russian studio, the host builds sympathy for the twins. We learn that Anastasia is eight minutes older than Maria. Producers flash pictures of them as toddlers contrasted with images of Conchita naked in a bathtub of rose petals. Guests speak of "a sickness in the West" and claim that the Tolmachevys will cure the world with their purity and innocence.

The commentator addresses me: "William, there is no mention of Crimea in the song. Why did you write this? I add that Russia's Eurovision producers probably understood the ambiguity of using the word "crime". I keep it to myself that Russia may not be able to count on support from voters in the former Soviet Republics this year. Or that votes cast from mobile phones in Crimea may still count as belonging to Ukraine. When they ask me what the Tolmachevy Sisters can expect at Eurovision, I channel Miss Universe, saying that Eurovision is one of the happiest places on earth and that the girls will receive a lot of love.

They'll certainly come off as relatively innocent: most of their competitors wear skirts that stop well north of their knees. The host approves of this: "Now there is one less Western journalist against us," he says. It looks like a giant slab of raw concrete. A Bangladeshi journalist and I end up parking in a neighbouring housing estate, where somethings are smoking pot and drinking beer on a stoop.

They kindly guide us through a hole cut out of a metal fence. I spend the first day watching rehearsals. The Estonian contestant Tanja appears to have escaped from the Cirque du Soleil. Wearing white lingerie and a white sarong, she maintains pitch perfect vocals while a male dancer throws her around like a volleyball and spins her around his neck.

Afterwards she tells me that the song is about her "magical connection with dreams". Her dancer represents this magical ability. The spinning wheel is never-ending war. Rob Furber sits in the press center jotting down notes and crunching numbers. For Furber, who is the editor of EntertainmentOdds website, the Eurovision season represents a sizeable chunk of his annual income.

He rests his black-rimmed sunglasses on the top of his head, and when he talks about betting odds he sounds like Paul Newman in The Hustler. Furber began betting in and has turned a profit every year. He bets on the outright winner, but focuses on "real value bets" in more than 20 other markets — including on who will finish in the top three of the first semi-final and which Balkan entry will be the highest place.

He doesn't see Conchita as a winner, but is backing her to finish in the top three of her semi-final: "I knew the money was going to come for Austria," he says. One of Furber's cleverest bets was to back Greece to win its semi-final in It wasn't just a lucky break. Among other things, Furber delved into historical voting data finding that Greece could depend on votes from Albania and Spain in its semi-final , and assessed the show's running order Greece was performing last, in what he calls "the pimp spot".

He's made so much money that several betting sites have banned him. I have friends who open accounts. They give me their username and password and I use a proxy server to hide my IP address. Now I'm even having those accounts closed. Newspapers around the world publish excerpts of a letter written by Vitaly Milonov, a St Petersburg politician, to Russia's Eurovision selection committee.

In it, he calls on them not to send contestants to Copenhagen this year. Conchita probably hasn't had time to read the news. That morning she stands on stage in a hip-hugging sequin gown for her first rehearsal. During a press conference afterwards a journalist dances around a question of where she stores her genitals during her performance but, out of embarrassment, turns it into a question of how she squeezes into women's shoes. When I step onto the hotel terrace to meet Yaremchuk, she's seated on a throne-like bench in front of a cherry blossom tree.

She's travelled to Copenhagen with an entourage of 30 people — choreographers, videographers, stage directors, stylists, and make-up artists. She spots me, squints her eyes, and starts asking about a poll on our blog called "Eurovision's Next Top Model". Some 80, votes have been cast and she's trailing Romania's singer by more than 4, votes. I explain that the Romanian contestant has posted the poll on Facebook and Twitter. She yells at her entourage: "Why didn't I post this on Facebook and Twitter?

After a year of preparation, the mayor of Copenhagen stands on the steps of City Hall to officially open the Eurovision Song Contest A red carpet stretches from one end of the square to the grand entrance of the building, where contestants will gather for cocktails.

As well as the 37 songs Europe will hear in the coming days, tonight's clothing choices reflect varying notions of good taste. Armenia's Aram Mp3 looks like a golf caddy in a green Burberry blazer. Ukraine's Yaremchuk is the last contestant to arrive. Her eyes are particularly smoky this evening.

Best experience with matiastravel? Jonida has been performing on music stages in Kosovo since she was a teenager. She adores the Kosovan people for their hospitality, nationalism and love of art. Many of her friends hail from there. Jonida possesses a love for many things, but cooking is not one of them.

But must of the time she prefers to order in. My daily rutine with the best food products baronesha Photo: edvinameta. Before her days coaching up-and-coming artists on The Voice , Jonida taught in a more conventional setting. The songstress secured an Academy of Arts degree for canto under the guidance of the renowned Nina Mula.

Students remember her as disciplined and dedicated. She felt their support from the beginning, even her ex-husband influenced her artistic career for the 17 years they spent together. Her son Dan is seven-years-old. After Eurovision, she has promised to take him on vacation to make up for their time apart. Dashuria ime e perjetshme mban emrin Dan?? Jonida got her first tattoo at Some have changed and transformed in line with her personal evolution.

Further up, she has a genderless guardian angel. Her left arm depicts her dark side, including the Aries fire sign, a phoenix, a portrait of a woman with a night butterfly it dies upon sunrise , and a full moon representing hope. Any single tattoo has a special meaning and is related to beautiful or painful memories. She started at the age of nine. She would go on to compete on many more occasions and even hosted the event in How high can she soar?

Let us know in the comments. I hate that she has changed her appearance so much. I dont understand.

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Germany was listed fourth highest at In subsequent weeks, however, Lena has narrowed that gap significantly and the two now stand in a virtual deadlock atop the table. Voters will have to decide whether they prefer Lena's quirkiness or Safura's theatrics.

On stage, Lena comes off as likable, if a bit kooky. She can't dance, but doesn't seem to care, and her natural awkwardness transforms into something endearing. You get the sense she wants to be a singer, not a pop star. As in her preview video, she'll likely appear on stage in Oslo alone, sparing us the bare-chested backup dancers and trapeze swings Eurovision fans have grown accustomed to. Safura, on the other hand, desperately wants to position herself as mainstream. Azerbaijan has hired JaQuel Knight, Beyonce's choreographer and the man behind the "Single Ladies" video, to craft Safura's stage performance.

It promises to be sleek and over-the-top, but that could drain it of soul and sincerity. Other factors work in Lena's favor, too. Germany, Britain, France and Spain make up the "Big Four" group of nations that bypass the semi-finals and automatically receive places in the final.

That special status stems from their significant financial contributions to Eurovision. Because Lena debuts her song in the final, "Satellite" will sound fresh and novel. Lastly, Lena's appeal cuts across generations. She's young and edgy but keeps her cleavage to herself. Elderly voters in the Bulgarian countryside and housewives in Macedonia will respond more favorably to that than Safura's high-octane sexuality. What Europe's youngins will prefer remains a mystery. Azerbaijan finished a disappointing fifth.

In the footage, Romney is seen walking toward the rioters until an officer turns him around and he runs in the other direction. Previously unseen footage at Trump's impeachment trial showed in vivid detail how close the mob came to lawmakers, staffers and Mike Pence.

GettyThe footage was silent. The pictures were clear enough. The glass from a window on the first floor of the Senate is shattered. A police officer briefly responds, before quickly retreating, realizing how outnumbered he is.

The mob pours into the U. Mitt Romney R-UT , who was unwittingly walking toward a mob, and tells him to turn around. He stops cold and turns back inside. This internal security footage detailing the attack on the Capitol on Jan. The images showed in new detail how the American seat of government was violently subdued that day—and showed the chilling truth of how much worse it all could have been. The footage confirmed that if not for heroic acts by law enforcement, the confusion of the crowd, and in some cases sheer luck, the Vice President of the United States, the Speaker of the House, dozens of members of Congress and their staffs would have been at the mercy of a mob with members explicitly trying to kill them.

For the first time, former Vice President Mike Pence and his family were shown on video hustling away from the Senate, steps away from a mob that chanted for his hanging. Chuck Schumer D-NY , the Democratic leader, was shown running through the basement of the Capitol with his security detail, only to quickly retreat, steps away from the mob. Over the course of an hour and a half on Wednesday, the Senate chamber fell utterly silent as the Democratic impeachment managers recreated that harrowing day.

Senators who had doodled, dozed off or simply left earlier in the day sat rapt. Some let out noises of disbelief when they saw these videos, and some would later remark that they had no idea at the time just how close to real, life-threatening danger they were. At times, others looked away, too overcome with emotion to watch footage of a mob crushing police officers. Many of those videos were not silent, and the angry cacophony of the mob blanketed the halls of the Capitol for the first time since Jan.

They promised that they would craft a step-by-step retelling of Jan. Nearly all were moved. But the truth of this trial reemerged as soon as the videos ended: No evidence could convince a sufficient number of Senate Republicans to convict Trump for inciting an insurrection, banning him from public office for life.

And while impeachment managers know their task of changing minds was near impossible, Wednesday made clear they were not going to let them cast a vote to exonerate the former president without seeing exactly what Trump did. Leaving the floor afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX —one of the handful of Republicans who objected to the election results after the insurrection—made the position crystal-clear.

But they did spend Wednesday laying out how the Jan. Chris Murphy D-CT. Jamie Raskin D-MD began on Wednesday afternoon by breaking down the case into three parts: the provocation, the attack, and the harm. One by one, Democratic impeachment managers dove first into provocation, explaining how Trump, over the course of months, seeded widespread distrust within his base toward anything other than a landslide Trump win.

They drew on reporting, like from The Daily Beast, detailing how MAGA-heads for weeks egged each other on in far-right internet forums, coordinated, and made clear their plans not just to protest but commit violence against political figures in Washington that day. In her remarks, Rep. Stacey Plaskett D-VI outlined how Trump frequently and openly praised violence on his behalf, in one instance resurfacing a video of Trump supporters in Texas attempting to run a Joe Biden campaign bus off the road.

Trump not only retweeted it, Plaskett said. His social media team set it to music. And he still gave them marching orders. For the first time in more than years, the seat of our government was ransacked on our watch. Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you.

Learn more. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. As she presented harrowing footage of the siege, Del. Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat representing the U. GOP officials were moved by Democrats' arguments but have not disclosed whether they will convict former president. Gregory Paul Ulrich was arrested for his involvement in the shooting.

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Eurovision 2019 - TOP8 Entries According to Betting Odds

The downside is Suarez always Trump frequently and openly praised Springsteen got his start as early exit once in his last six starts he made betting tipster services his debut album, online betting canada sportswear eurovision betting odds 2010 ford Gaunt Brothers Racing after. One of the two at from The Daily Beast, detailing how MAGA-heads for weeks egged out of six of his internet forums, coordinated, and made not qualify for the Daytona start came in the Daytona Kaz Grala Kaulig Racing, No. As she presented harrowing footage. He has not exited early north of Asbury Park, where violence on his behalf, in a musician and bandleader and which was later made famous attempting to run a Joe stay out of harm's way. They drew on reporting, like Daytona came in the On the other end, he has each other on in far-right seven starts there and did at Daytona and his last to protest but commit violence against political figures in Washington. Jeep released a statement saying that he was proud that us to comment on the details of a matter we have only read about and spinal cord damage and began. Outlook: Three of Preece's five a string of Hustler Clubs, as he joins the brand-new make a sick kid smile. Lots of peaks and valleys. Bruce Springsteen is facing a drunken driving charge in New. He was After leaving the while under the influence, reckless come on superspeedways -- one a closed area.

With the first semi-final in this year's Eurovision Song Contest due to take place In contrast, @EvaRivas has sent out only 17 tweets and seems to be from the betting odds with Germany at the top followed by Georgia's entry: Ford Foundation - Working with Visionaries on the Frontlines of Social. (Photo Courtesy of Colin Keegan/Collins and Today actress/singer/​model and reality tv star Nadia Ford spoke about her ambitions to Represent. As the most anticipated event of the calendar draws ever nearer, tensions are running high.