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Dublin Racing Festival. Home Ireland Dublin Racing Festival. Ts and Cs apply. Gamble responsibly. Honeysuckle extended her unbeaten career record into an 8th race at Leopardstown last year, battling back bravely to beat Petite Mouchoir and Darver Star. Despite his brilliant record at Leopardstown, Willie Mullins' star has run poorly on both his previous visits to the Dublin Racing Festival, finishing seventh in the Deloitte and sixth here last year.

Betting odds explained 7&4 news traverse city mich cox plate 2021 betting online

Betting odds explained 7&4 news traverse city mich

The photograph was created by year-old Saudi artist Abdullah Al Shehri, who mixes pop culture icons into historic photographs. Saudi education minister Ahmed al-Eissa apologized for the mistake, but the mystery of how the photo got into the book remains unsolved. On Aug. Only 3, vials have been produced; they are accompanied by a framed photo of The Joe.

French managed to hike to the summit on Sept. French is back in the mountains soon, perhaps in the full suit cape optional , rather than just the underwear. Words fail us WNMC was founded in as a carrier current station broadcast in Northwestern Michigan College dorms to bring rock music to college students. Carrier current is a method of low-power AMradio transmission; it sends a signal to a relatively small geographic area. The signal increased to watts in The signal increased to watts in , making it capable of reaching a to 30mile radius; the signal also changed from This year marks the 50th anniversary of WNMC radio.

Hines said disc jockeys like Hamper represent the future of the station as it competes in an increasingly crowded media world with fewer and fewer radios. Nowadays, his creative outlet is no longer writing; he expresses himself through his radio shows. The live shows started casually as an occasional broadcast from the now-shuttered Inside Out Gallery.

Now the monthly live broadcasts Sunday mornings from Union Street help Hamper connect with his audience. Many of the long-time DJs had recently left in protest over conflicts with the college administration. There had been talk of programming changes that created unease among the volunteers.

Some at the college thought the station would be more viable if, instead of focusing on obscure alternative artists, DJs played deep cuts from well-known, established acts. He understood both sides. Students started the campus radio station in because there was no other place to hear rock music. Country, big band, easy listening. Frank Sinatra. It started to attract more attention and become a community radio station. The details change a little bit, but the vision for the station has been really consistent for a really long time.

A lot of the daytime programming today is reserved for jazz. Francis gym and was smitten. For him, that music is as vital and alive as when it was first made. It offers a chance for virtually anyone to find music they like. There used to be an afternoon rock show that Hines thought broke up the continuity of the day. He wanted people to be able to keep their radio tuned all day to WNMC at their office or in their store or home and know what to expect, at least in the most general terms.

Another big move came in , when Hines started a morning show that includes more talking than had ever been regularly featured on the station before. The year-old said he thought about WNMC when they were trying to imagine what life back home would be like after spending some time on the East Coast.

He decided if he moved home, he would get a radio show. Beginning in March , Thomas had a show. Thomas, who every other Sunday evening hosts the free-form rock show Cosmic Slop from 8pm until midnight, said he listened to WNMC in high school and credits the station with broadening his rock horizons. Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, N. Lighthouse Point Rd. Note: A state park pass is required to enter the park. For more information and hours see grandtraverselighthouse.

DO: Bring your camera! The views are spectacular. You will be; narrow metal stairs spiral up to the lighthouse tower. Totally worth the view — if you survive the spooky climb. DO: Comfortable shoes are a must. Tunnels running underneath the downtown area were built to transport spirits to various establishments during prohibition. City of Milwaukee. This attraction is not for the faint of heart!

Ghost Ship nights run Friday and Saturday evenings. More information at carferry. DO: Keep your guard up; there are no safe corners on this ship. The scares start early at this one. Now through Oct. Unless you enjoy being trapped out in the middle of a maze, alone. Just before.

In the dark. Visit jacobscornmaze. If you meet a boy named Isaac in there, run. The event will take place at the City Opera House, doors open at pm. For more information call DO: Dress up! Die-hard traditionalist? We get it. GO: Free to visit, call ahead for rates to stay overnight.

A small but dedicated group of music lovers is working to spread the gospel of traditional jazz in northwest lower Michigan. On Oct. Traditional jazz is a musical idiom that originated at the turn of the 20th century in New Orleans and spread rapidly through the country.

The music absorbed ragtime, gospel tunes, folk and blues songs, circus band, and marching band styles, and popular tunes. Almost from the beginning, jazz bands were formed with a front line of wind instruments that played polyphonically — each with an independent but harmonizing melody. The front line was backed by a rhythm section, made up of piano, banjo or guitar, tuba or string bass, and drums, or maybe a washboard, too.

When the wind instruments play. However, almost all traditional jazz bands also give individual musicians a chance to do a solo chorus by themselves — especially the members of the front line. If their solo is good, they are rewarded by enthusiastic applause. If it is mediocre, they get polite applause. The Backroom Gang, a traditional TC-based jazz band for several years, played at those programs.

Together they pulled together a board of directors and began to promote the uniquely American music. The music inspires movement and has spawned several dance crazes. Food and drink are available at pm; the music fires up an hour later for a two-hour session. Space is limited and reservations are necessary: or Our services. Your neighborhood.

Munson Healthcare brings expertise and quality services to clinics near you. Less travel, more convenience, and same great care. Just 12 years old at the time and a transplant from California, Hunt could hardly believe the contrast between his old home and his new one. Nothing much, but it was enough to catch my eye. On buildings, nothing. He also thought that he could be a part of fixing the problem. When he was 14, a police officer caught him scrawling his name on the side of a building.

For the better part of a decade, that little run-in with the law dissuaded Hunt from his personal mission to give Traverse City a little splash of SoCal attitude. He spent his spare time honing his craft and pouring his street art and graffiti-inspired style into colorful canvas works. If there was an itch he still wanted to scratch, it had to do with visibility. While writing his name on the side of buildings had gotten Hunt into a little bit of trouble, his art was at least out there for everyone to see.

Hunt was working at Brew, and the owners graciously allowed him to start. When patrons started asking about the pieces and even purchasing them, Hunt saw that Traverse City might be ready for his vision. Slowly but surely, Hunt says that local businesses are dispensing with the blank brick storefronts and plain white walls that bothered him so much when he moved to Traverse City.

Eventually, it turned into a paid gig. Most recently, Brewery. Ferment marked their fifth anniversary by commissioning Hunt to revamp their storefront. Like Brewery Ferment, other downtown shops and restaurants are starting to see the appeal and value in having murals and street art. The change, he thinks, is being led by the millennial generation.

For the past four years, Hunt has been a popular fixture at Friday Night Live, creating live paintings for crowds to observe and enjoy. Two of those paintings — both featuring stenciled wolf heads overlaid with abstract colored squares and rectangles — now hang near the downtown parking garage.

In some circles, both forms of art are considered little more than vandalism. While Hunt thinks perceptions are changing, he also thinks those connotations have deep roots — some of which are justified. Two years ago, he even started his own business — Creative Streetworks — to give his work a consistent umbrella and brand. Creative Streetworks encompasses all the canvas art, murals, street art, and graffiti that Hunt paints — both on his own and with collaborators.

Full breakfast menu with a variety of unique dishes. Try one of our skillets or our famous trout and eggs. Traverse City, MI By Janice Binkert At some point in the midst of the launch of Cellar , owners Mark and Kerrie Wayne might have felt that the name they had chosen for it was perhaps more appropriate — albeit in another context — than they had originally intended.

It was August 2, , the same day that straight-line winds raged across northwest lower Michigan, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Indeed, a day to head to the cellar! And actually, many in the Village of Elk Rapids had done just that — not to take cover, but to celebrate the newest neighbor to set up shop on River Street.

The building in which Cellar is located has withstood every kind of tempest that nature could throw at it — summer, winter, spring, or fall — for over years, since the turn of the 19th century. Cellar has continued to evolve into just that over the past two years, said Ray, who runs the day-to-day operations at Cellar with Chef Chris Howard. In the small plates category, the charcuterie board tops the list of customer favorites.

I want that! Then we hit it with some Parmesan, bake it off, and serve it with sriracha aioli. The Cellar menu is just about to be tweaked again, Ray said. We can really let our creativity flow. Chef Chris will be making more cakes and pastries as well as some breakfast Danishes. About 70 percent of our business is wine and freshly prepared food and deli, divided almost evenly. The other 30 percent is grocery, beverages, frozen food, home accents, all of that. Also offering custom catered meals for groups of all sizes.

For more information, call , visit cellar The wine bar at Cellar is definitely a key attraction. Cellar carries over 50 beers in cans and bottles, as well as about 15 different ciders. During renovations, removal of drywall in the high-ceilinged space exposed the original yellow brick walls. The vintage dark wood-planked floors were buffed and waxed, and much of the old wood trim and fittings found new applications in the front counter, the restrooms and the wine bar.

Spiral ductwork and galvanized metal on chairs, tables, shelves and lamps completed the retro look, creating a casual, inviting atmosphere for wining, dining or shopping for artisan food products or maybe even a new accessory for your home. Simple and Delicious!

Hair and Beauty salon uses a variety of methods to keep their salon environmentally friendly as a partner in the Green Circle Salons program. Hair and Beauty Lounge ends up with one bag of trash per week. Some of it is helping clean up oil spills. By Kristi Kates According to Green Circle Salons, a recycling and sustainability program for the beauty industry, North American hair salons reportedly toss out 63, pounds of hair clippings, 42, pounds of hair color, , pounds of foil and hair-color tubes and , pounds of wastepaper, salon bottles and other paper and plastic items in just one day, totaling , pounds of waste in our landfills.

To some people, these are just numbers. Hair and Beauty Lounge in Traverse City, these figures were a wake-up call. Before opening M. They spent some time trying to balance both jobs; both were working full time, Monday. Hair and Beauty Lounge in May. When we were at that training session, we sat there in awe watching the videos about Green Circle Salons. We wanted to reduce our ecological footprint.

The latter is the most intriguing part of the program. Hair clippings from M. And we encourage our guests to be part of the program at home. Hair and Beauty Lounge is located at W. For more information on the Green Circle Salons recycling and sustainability program, visit greencirclesalons.

The show focuses on the women who posed for the famous artists, many who were creative talented artists in their own right but often went unacknowledged, according to Round. And at the same time I was challenged to make sure it still looks like the person with her personality. It was really tricky. Schnepp said the painting had always reminded her of her grandparents and their farm in upper Michigan. She is one of the strongest women I have ever known.

She photographed many of the Surrealist artists and exhibited with them throughout the s and 40s. In the painting she sits tall, wearing her Christian missionary gown, but looks away. Soon after, she met Amedeo Modigliani and became his common-law wife. It draws you in.

Adele would often hold court for musicians, artists, and writers in the salon of her huge house near the Vienna State Opera house. Just 12 miles north of Harbor Springs on scenic M N. Advanced treatment options are available in northern Michigan that may help you live an active life again. Learn more at a free program on anterior hip replacement, a minimally invasive approach to traditional hip replacement.

Orthopedic Surgeon Eric Lerche, DO, will discuss the procedure and its benefits, including faster recovery times, reduced time in the hospital, and less post-surgery pain. Some patients can go home the same day of surgery. Lerche is a fellowship trained orthopedic trauma surgeon. There is no cost to attend. Registration is required. Call , or visit munsonhealthcare.

Traverse City, Michigan. By Kristi Kates Nefertiti. The culture as a whole maximized the use of facial embellishments — aka makeup — and left behind an intriguing legacy of beauty ideals, some of which stick with us today. Each morning all Egyptians washed their face, hands, and feet many Egyptians walked barefoot , repeating that ritual at night and often before and after meals as well. And some Egyptians were just fine using the nearby river as a bathtub.

Even their teeth were properly cared for; one Egyptian toothpaste recipe included rock salt, pepper, mint, and dried flowers. After washing up, creams were worked. The creams were made from a wide variety of ingredients that were thought to prevent wrinkling and keep the skin smooth, including papyrus oil, ground-up flowers, honey, and animal fats; certain plants were also thought to function as insect repellent.

Flowers like roses, lilies, and iris were most often used in combination with woods like sandalwood, plus a myriad of additional ingredients utilized to negate sweat odor and surround the Egyptians with fragrance. The most popular perfume was called kyphi, an extremely strong, sweet, overwhelming scent that blended pine resin, mastic, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, juniper, mint, frankincense, myrrh, and sometimes other spices.

Smelling good was said to put the Egyptians in better favor with the gods; those who smelled bad were the equivalent of the unpopular kids in class. The hairstyling of Ancient Egyptians is an intriguing subject with many layers of preparation; one exhibit in Grand Rapids offers a closer look. A recreated clay model nearby shows how she might have looked and is indicative of the style at the time: thickly-outlined eyebrows and lush, braided hair, which might have been a wig.

While some Egyptians tinted their natural hair with henna, most — both male and female — shaved their heads to avoid lice. When they wanted the look of hair, they wore elaborate woven wigs made of both human and horse hair. Wigs were also thought to be more comfortable in the dry climate.

Ancient Egyptians had different styles of wigs for different occasions: elaborate ones for celebrations or festivals, and plainer ones for the usual daily family gatherings. THE EYES HAVE IT To start their makeup routine, royalty or upper-class Egyptians would often first pale their skin with powders, as lighter skin meant they were spending leisurely time indoors as opposed to their lower-class counterparts, whose skin was darkened by working in the fields.

In ancient times, kohl was made. Kohl was another cosmetic that was expensive and usually only available to the rich; the peasants made their own version, but researchers have yet to determine what they used. Either way, the black around the eyes helped reduce the damaging effects of sun glare — and the ancient Egyptians believed that the power of their cosmetics was magical and would help protect them and ward off illness. But their cosmetics, wigs, salves, and scents go even deeper than that.

These ancient Egyptian burial traditions were a central part of their culture and lasted for well over 3, years. Along with other highly-valued objects, cosmetics and cosmetic cases have been found in tombs. Restaurant Week happens twice a year - save the date!

The Headlands Challenge runs from 8pm to 10pm on Saturday, Oct. State St. It also hosts temporary exhibits that often feature Egyptian art, such as the recent Death Dogs, which explored the history of Egyptian jackal gods like Anubis. Petoskey Mitchell St. Petoskey Palette Bistro Bay St. Bay Harbor Eyes: Kohl eyeliner is perhaps the most familiar of Eg. Enjoy your favorite restaurants and discover new ones at an affordable price.

The best restaurants of Petoskey and Bay Harbor have joined forces for this special culinary event! Congratulations to our patient of the month, Elizabeth Porter for excellent oral hygiene and good cooperation throughout treatment. Help plant 50 trees to enhance tree canopy in Bellaire. This family-friendly fall fundraiser will start with a 3.

For ages 15 - college age. Conducted by black-belt instructors from Covenant Defense. Sponsored by Zonta Club of TC. Free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to those who reserve a spot by calling Sponsored by the Leelanau Community Cultural Center. Free admission.

Sign up: Lunch will be provided. Pre-register: Learn about dyslexia. The comedy show starts at 8pm. Find on Facebook. For ages Bring an instrument or listen in. Free will donation. Benefits Hospice of Michigan. There will also be an after-glow party. An unscripted theatrical awards show. Featuring The Chenille Sisters. Featuring 10 or 22 mile options. The 22 mile involves a Presented by Norte. Free will offering. Runs from 2pm until sundown.

Tim Topolewski, featuring Anne Bara, clarinet. Here:Say is turning 5! Email: willcall ncmich. Must register in advance. A short presentation will start at pm. Find membership forms online or learn more at www. Make a real scarecrow to take home.

Reserve your spot: Featuring 19 International Award-Winning Films. A healthy snack will be provided. Speakers are plastic surgeons Christopher LaFond, M. Jefferies, M. Young survivors with breast cancer will share their personal journeys with surgery. Presented by Harm Reduction MI. Registration: www. With Jane Hale.

By donation. Includes lunch. Reserve your seat: Members only Halloween Party. Dance-off for charity. For reservations email: gaaareaderstheater gmail. Info: There will be a pm pickup in Kingsley, E. Blair St. Advanced registration required. Featuring author Shenandoah Chefalo. Also runs on Sat. Celebrate nearly 50 years of stewardship. Presented by the Manistee Civic Players. The Elk Rapids Players present this comedy with a heart, featuring a ghost on a mission.

Help plant 50 trees to restore the canopy in Kalkaska. Presented by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. RSVP: ldtalb gmail. Learn about this free reading program. Every student—home-schooled, private or public—is eligible. Call TC Guitar Co. Sponsored by TC Guitar Co. Featuring artist Marionette Kubicz.

Create a leaf plaque using spices to animate your leaf design. Children can make their own apple cider while adults wine taste. Reserve your spot. Reservations required. Lunch catered by Centre Street Cafe. Reservations required by Oct. Contact sansep19 earthlink. The show will be up for one week. Park in the row furthest from the dunes with your headlights facing M Enjoy a stroll through the city, in the dark, with Wood Smoke telling you ghost stories.

Meet in front of Bijou By The Bay. Enjoy this songwriter-comic-singerpoet-musician. The Egyptian theme was chosen because of the peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower the same night. Meet at the park entrance. Featuring a variety of music from classics to contemporary. Walk for Peace at noon. Reserve your spot: or hgdeery gmail. Congregational Church. Costumes encouraged. Surprise appearance by the Petoskey Middle School Drama students. Presented by the Leelanau Community Cultural Center.

Pristine sunset views over Lake Michigan make this private setting a nature lovers paradise. The full, unfinished walk-out basement makes for a great opportunity to create even more space in this afforadble lake house. Come see it today! Features such as western red cedar siding, island kitchen, grand master suite, open concept, and cathedral ceilings on a half acre lot with walkout hillside basement.

A must see! Walk off your back deck just a few steps to dip your feet in crystal clear Lake Michigan! Impressive floor to ceiling natural stone fireplaces, and gourmet kitchen. Custom features include Turkish bath, copper sinks, and custom features throughout. A must see!! Thirteen years ago, Luna effectively went into radio silence, so for this comeback the band is taking the soft approach: a double album — half covers, and half Luna instrumentals.

Dan Drolett, owner and program director of Clinton County Radio, an internet-based radio station serving Clinton county, Michigan, has announced the sale of the station and its assets to Tony Clark of Rosebush, Michigan. Clinton County Radio, www. During the past three years, the station has been enjoyed by many who listen daily on the internet, and who have listened to the station on the City of DeWitt Community Access channel. The station's daily programming has included hourly news and information, informative features from the USDA, and Superhits of the 60's and 70's.

Drolett made the decision to sell the station in order to concentrate on other projects. The sale of Clinton County Radio is expected to close by the end of September Cumulus has been operating the Ann Arbor cluster under a local marketing agreement since earlier in the year. Next month, Bob Kaser will begin his eighth season as the Voice of the Griffins Press release , GriffinsHockey.

According to interim general manager Allen Mazurek, "The balance between news and music on WDET is one that has shaped listener opinion and perception about the station for years. It will be available later this month to all listeners equipped with an HD receiver. Internet broadcast of this service through wdet. Muzurek continues, "From an admittedly modest launch, we hope this service will grow over time to include live programming, provide volunteer and training opportunities for budding radio producers and hosts, and provide a new platform for the exciting and diverse music and experimental programming enjoyed by many WDET listeners through the years.

On the analog side, the station is also making some lineup changes effective September 15th:. This nationally distributed program on the history of jazz was hosted by Ed Love in the late 80's and early 90's, and was heard on stations around the country and in Puerto Rico. As we begin a conversion process to preserve this part of the station's history, we're pleased to be able to share it with listeners once again.

First off will be the latest installment of "America Abroad", and then a new 5-part series from Jay Allison called "Stories From the Heart of the Land. The late Merv Griffin's new game show is the biggest news in daytime TV as Detroit stations set up their daytime schedules for another year.

Most of the shows start their new seasons Monday. WDIV is making the most changes as it tries to stop daytime ratings leakage that dates to the demise of its late '90s, in-your-face talk lineup Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones and others. Elsewhere, the rest of the local daytime landscape is largely the same Meteorologist Mike Cameron says he'll do the same -- although he may slip into jeans for Monday's debut of the station's new lifestyle show, "Better MidMichigan.

Kim Wells will produce the show, which airs at 9 a. And "Better" is a concept carried on a growing number of Meredith Corp. You may have seen the promotional television spot stating the 6 p. This is an accurate statement when it comes to certain demographics. The station's newscast finished in first place with adults , women and men , according to Nielsen's July ratings book.

Advertisers favor the "demo" because the numbers are broken down by age and gender, and they can see what matches their target audiences. Households don't buy products -- people buy products. Most national advertisers use adults , with some going younger to adults soft drinks, movies, etc. Some use adults older auto manufacturers. The success that is used by the network advertisers to determine the number one network for the season is always adults " The Dr.

Don along with Rachael, Grunwald and Jason get recognized nationally. Details at www. A big shock for Citadel Broadcasting this morning as Jay J. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids where he was waiting to board a flight. In addition to his programming duties, he had been hosting the pm shift on WITL.

Jay J. McCrae, a popular country-music disc jockey and administrator, died Sunday. Earlier, he was also the station's morning man; at times, he was the most listened-to person in local radio. That was apparently of natural causes, in Grand Rapids There will not be a funeral service and visitiation that is open to the public. Instead, there will be an "open house remembering Jay J.

McCrae" from 9 a. Saturday at the station, Pine Tree Road. It will be a Toys For Tots fundraiser, with details pending WDET has been seeking a new general manager since former general manager Michael Coleman's controversial term ended with his abrupt resignation in December In the fall of , Coleman cut many longtime WDET programs, including that of Martin Bandyke and Judy Adams, but general staff dissension led to the departure of many longtime staffers.

The new setup will have Mazurek continuing as interim general manager Nationally, the extended hour allows "Today" to air at 11 a. A full schedule of the airings is on www. Neither Rich or Mike can come down from raised Genie Scissor Lifts until pledges have been made from their city to keep WaYfm commercial free and music-intensive. Aside from pledges, only inclement weather and brief personal needs breaks can get the WaYfm DJs down. WaYfm plays Top 40 music with a Christian world-view aimed at teens, young adults, and young families.

A yet-to-be announced format will be launched on AM by a still to be identified new owner. The changes come about as part of a sale agreement between Clear Channel and Cumulus Media. Cumulus Media has hired a Battle Creek native to manage the operation. Now, on FM Another change on the radio will effect AM Hopefully someone will be able to afford to buy and operate AM as a stand-alone station, but it will certainly be a costly proposition.

Neighborhood developments, outside signal interference, and aging infrastructures are literally choking the life out of AM signals everywhere, and they are more costly to operate and maintain. Tentative guests for future shows this season include composer William Bolcom, conductor Charles Dutoit, newly appointed principal conductor and artistic director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and conductor Leonard Slatkin, former Music Director of the National Symphony Orchestra.

It's all alphabet soup, legal clauses and curious stuff these days in college football TV land. And we, the lovely home viewers, are left to negotiate this weekly maze with our own scruples. Traditionally, Ch. But thanks to the birth of the Big Ten Network, Ch. The awards were designed to recognize innovative HD multicast programming. Two local stations are duking it out in cyberspace for your eyeballs with the help of Webcasts and other special features. WDIV streams its noon and 4 p. Don't underestimate WJBK.

On Sept. Barrington will assign the station's broadcast license to Phoenix-based Tucker Broadcasting to comply with Federal Communication Commission rules that prohibit ownership of two television stations in small media markets. Ben Tucker, head of Tucker Broadcasting, is a media consultant and former CEO of Fisher Communications in Seattle, where he operated 13 television stations and 30 radio stations. John Keating has come a long way from his days as Steve Knight. Keating, an original member of the FSN Detroit lineup, started his broadcasting career with the Grand Valley State University student radio station, working his way up from broadcaster to station manager.

But the station already had an on-air talent named John, so Keating was rechristened with the stage name Steve Knight. It wasn't exactly the start Knight, er, Keating expected. It wasn't until Keating moved to a Denver TV station in the mids that he regained his birth name. Ignace to Indian River. The station, which broadcasts from Emmet county, has not applied to modify its transmitter location or power.

Evans has been granted a construction permit for a new AM station to be licensed to Escanaba on AM The station would broadcast using a 2-tower array with 2, watts during the daylight hours and watts at night if built to the current specifications. WTWS would also change its effective radiated power from 6, watts at feet to watts at feet. To "maintain" radio service to Harrison, WUPS has applied to change its community of license from Houghton Lake to Harrison, but is not making any changes to its location or power.

Having both stations located together would allow owner Coltrace Communications to operate using one facility. Staffers never knew what to expect from this funny and fiercely talented teen. He's come a long way. We can recreate the wheel, do it different and big, on a newscast that has not been definitively defined" With my overactive travel schedule, you never know where my column is going to be penned, while Mike, due to family obligations, tends to stay local more than I do.

These words — in fact — were written from the famous New Jersey shore in the Garden State. I was there this past week to archive on videotape the final of five Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts on Tuesday. It was an event to remember. And if you heard the program last Tuesday, it was a memorable broadcast and I was proud to have been a part of it. It was a truly an awesome sight to see. Following up on the news of Matt Drudge walking away from his station network show on Sunday nights, WJR programmer Steve Stewart has indicated that the program with new host Bill Cunningham will be carried at 10 p.

Veteran radio personality Jay Butler celebrates a half century in broadcasting this week. It was during this second time around at WJLB that he would take his career to new heights and establish himself as a major player in the industry. New forms of competition will come and go.

Local radio listeners might need to reset their dials. New ownership at Battle Creek Radio has caused the group's stations to do some frequency hopping. Brian Sims Rolls With Thunder The move was expected to be announced at a news conference today in downtown Flint. Blinke said people on the sidewalk outside will be able to look into the Flint studio and see TV reporters broadcasting the evening news.

The station has signed a year lease for a ground-floor space of 2, square feet, fronting S. Saginaw Street. The station now has two reporters and two sales people working from its office in the Gateway Centre in Mundy Township, Blinke said. Channel 5 might add to that staff at the new location, he said Raffle tickets for the chance to win this year's Stone Soup Project car will be for sale from pm until pm in the Greater Media Detroit parking lot visit www.

The drawing will be broadcast live during Steve Kostan's evening program. All the money raised by the sale of raffle tickets will go directly to the Focus:HOPE Scholarship Fund to continue their efforts to build a metropolitan community where all people may live in freedom, harmony, trust and affection. In addition to the car giveaway, the station will have tents set up with hot dogs, beverages, Hooters girls and wings.

Ken Daniels has a black Portuguese water dog with a perfect name. We talked about a slew of things the other day, including how the only game he's missed in his Detroit Red Wings broadcasting career was the first one. The play-by-play voice of hockey on FSN Detroit also offered a succinct definition of the difference between television and radio, and provided proof that he's becoming increasingly American.

First, though, he had to spend a moment wrangling the dog whose name is Puck. Daniels, raised in Toronto and now living in Farmington Hills, is one of four on-air personalities who've been around since the launch of FSN Detroit, which turned 10 on Monday The six-part reality TV competition involving 12 Metro Detroit finalists comes to an end Thursday with only one walking away as the Ultimate Sales Challenge Champion.

Titled "Are You Up? The final episode will air at 8 p. Summertime and the living is not only easy, but uneventful. That appeared to be the case with Arbitron's radio ratings for June, July and August released Tuesday. As usual, oldies station WOMC had a summer surge and several stations had their usual soft summer numbers.

Oldies music is a proven summertime radio fave WNEM Channel 5 could add some outdoor electronics that could be viewed by pedestrians after the TV station opens a new office downtown next year. A news conference was held Tuesday to announce that the Saginaw-based CBS affiliate has signed a year lease on space in the Wade Trim building, now under construction in Flint's central business district. Meanwhile, he said, they might put a big-screen TV in the window with a speaker so people in the plaza could watch the evening news or other programming.

He's also thinking about adding an electronic display board on the outside of the building, with headlines, story updates and other information With their new agreement, the K-Wings and their exclusive radio home, based in Three Rivers, Michigan, can continue to have games reach a coverage area that spans over 11 Southwest Michigan counties. Read entire press release wingsstadium. For more than nine years, an unmistakable voice -- gravelly, unstable and labored, yet warm and comforting -- has greeted thousands of National Public Radio listeners in Michigan for two hours each weekday morning.

That voice belongs to award-winning radio personality Diane Rehm, host of the syndicated talk show bearing her name, which attracts a national audience of about 1. The talk was originally set for March 13, then April 2, but was rescheduled again because Rehm had pneumonia Greater Media Detroit jumped into the HD-2 pool before any other local broadcasters, in July , and that forward thinking was rewarded by the National Association of Broadcasters last week.

The complete Red Wings and Pistons telecast schedules are available at www. WNEM's plan to open a new studio in downtown Flint next year is good news for a battered city center trying to get back on its feet. And it may be good news for local news junkies. It should be open by this time next year, according to station management.

The balance of power shifted a few years ago, when WNEM's previous braintrust, in an obvious cost-cutting move, opted to slash its smallish Genesee County office down to nearly nothing. PUSKA will handle play-by-play. This was a prison camp. Barbed wire and black bread. No comically bumbling guards. No "Hogan's Heroes. But the former prisoner setting the scene is Sonny Eliot, someone who turns a weather forecast into a stand-up act, whose glass is always half-full and the prettiest one on the counter.

So when you ask him about World War II, he points out that it's poor planning to be captured by the people you've just bombed. And when he brings out the scrapbook he kept during 14 months at Stalag Luft 1, the first thing he turns to is a memo the German commandant wrote after he had the phrase translated and discovered that "bleeping goon" wasn't a compliment. For six decades, Eliot has been a fixture on Detroit television and radio Keep track of him at www.

RTN is a new television network that provides each affiliate a customized feed with classic hit shows, in addition to local programming including news, weather and sports. RTN is specifically designed to go on a broadcast digital channel and provides local broadcasters a way to get ratings and successfully monetize their digital spectrum. Why is WJBK-TV Channel 2 -- given its largely successful year-plus effort to establish a large audience of news viewers for its 10 p. They told us they wanted something when we were unable to serve them at 10 because of their viewing decisions.

Station drumbeaters say anchor Huel Perkins will serve up "a hyper-local, content-rich newscast" with a "different energy and attitude" on a new set Channel 2 adds 11 p. The series, featuring some of the country's best radio producers, is hosted by Jay Allison. The stories range across the world - from Australia to Newfoundland, Mexico to Tibet - to capture the human connection to land and landscape.

According to fellow engineer Del Reynolds, Brachel's hand and arm took the brunt of the damage with burns and cuts from his hand and out the top of his shoulder. His arm drew the current and tripped the amp breaker or this would be a much sadder story. Del's report continues that Brian was alone and really dazed but managed to crawl out to his car and drive himself holding an old rag on his arm to lessen the bleeding.


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The Get Around Podcast.

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Juventus vs napoli bettingexpert football GRAPHIC DESIGNER VP Demand Creation Services is seeking an experienced Graphic Designer to be responsible for managing the owners of coral betting app of multiple publications for association clients and consumers; supporting internal marketing staff with sales pieces, brochures, promotional pieces, and other various marketing materials; designing various jobs for food service clients and other businesses; and a variety of website design processes in the Word Press platform. Hair clippings from M. Von Voigtlander is wrong. Jan 07 59 mins. Granholm is often quoted as saying: "I will go anywhere and do anything to create jobs in Michigan. The Get Around Ep.
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Betting odds explained 7&4 news traverse city mich 828
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Betting odds explained 7&4 news traverse city mich They might also include additional state spending on environmental or aesthetic impact mitigations such as buffers, sound walls, etc. Price Negotiable. Disease outbreaks put public health against personal choice Lasing City Pulse February 10 An outbreak, according to Dr. Nov 10 74 mins. The Grand Rapids Press reports that teachers in Saugatuck Public Schools will no longer be provided with health insurance from the Michigan Education Special Services Association, an arm of the state's largest teachers union.
Betting odds explained 7&4 news traverse city mich They say that their areas are investment, and more resources are needed. Mom tells me she has more good days than bad days. A small but dedicated group of music lovers is working to spread the gospel of traditional jazz in northwest lower Michigan. They asked me to help them with the marketing of just the Grand Forks dealerships. Senior volleyball player Grace Quiggin is the first Mesick Bulldog to chat with the podcast as we preview the return to sports this weekend.
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Почему african nations championship 2021 betting lines тут

It is worth pointing out that it can be valuable to lay money on straight bets on the various legs of your parlay, to hedge against one leg failing. Once you understand the concepts of a parlay, there are some advanced parlays that sportsbooks offer known as teasers and pleasers. Teasers are the more popular and common of the two, so we will start there. A teaser is a parlay that has adjusted betting lines in favor of the bettor.

Usually, this comes in the form of the point spread or point total adjustments. The bettor chooses whichever lines they want to include in their teaser, and then chooses how much they want to tease the line by. The more points you tease in your favor, the more your payout odds decrease. The most common teaser range is usually 6 points, so we will use that in our example. Say you have three football games you want to bet on and want to turn them into a teaser.

You can see how the teaser helps the bettor by giving them much more wiggle room, at the cost of reduced odds. Pleasers are the same concept as teasers, in the opposite direction. With pleasers, you are giving away points to the bookie in favor of increased odds. While teasers are usually less risky than a standard parlay, pleasers are certainly more of a risk. As with any parlay, remember that all the legs have to hit in order to win.

Futures odds are betting lines formed for an outcome that is usually some time out from the time you place your bet. Usually, futures are first posted months, or even close to a year, before the given event is set to begin. As a rule, the earlier you place a futures bet, the better the payout will be. For example, in the NCAA football season, you might see football futures posted months before the season starts. If you place your wager on Bama before the season starts, you can get a nice payout.

However, once the season is underway, if Alabama really pulls away as the best team in the nation, those futures odds could shrink significantly as the postseason approaches. If you place your bet on the Tide with only a few games to go before the CFP, you might get far more expensive odds in the neighborhood of or more. Futures odds are all about timing, but as with most sports bets, if you see a line you like, you want to place your bet ASAP.

These types of odds tend to fall into a more general category. In this category, you have a lot of yes or no questions that you can place wagers on. These odds are generally fun - a lot of them crop up around Super Bowl time to draw in new players - and interesting betting opportunities.

There are usually several of these on any major sporting event. These are excellent types of bets - the kind of bets a lot of people think about when they think about sports betting. It's pretty likely that you know what these kinds of bets are - you bet on James Harden to score more or less than 30 points in a game, or Alexander Ovechkin to score a goal, or Patrick Mahomes to throw for more than two touchdowns.

For example, during the Super Bowl, you could bet on whether or not J-Lo would have butt cleavage, just the same way you could bet the over or under on Tyreek Hill's third-quarter yardage. Some sportsbooks will let you adjust the total you're betting on and receive different odds for it, within reason.

All told, player prop bets are some of the most fun you can have in sports betting and are also a good tool to convert your knowledge into winnings. Team propositions are just like player props, except that they deal with team-based single-game performances. And, of course, the bigger the matchup, the more team props there are. The Super Bowl is the single sporting event with the most prop wagers posted year in and year out, with the game typically yielding about different prop bets.

Live betting, aka in-game betting, allows bettors to place wagers live, during the actual action of a given game. These real-time odds are posted every few seconds, changing to reflect the pace and trends of the game as its played in real-time. Most live betting opportunities focus on the main line wager types above, though prop bets can also sometimes be adjusted as a game goes on.

As such, there are many good reasons to enjoy live betting, not the least of which is the simple fact that being able to wager on a play-by-play basis is just an immersive, fun experience. From a financial perspective, though, it can also present several opportunities to bettors looking after their bottom lines.

For example, if you make a traditional pre-game bet that goes sideways in a hurry, you can use live betting to mitigate or even cancel out your losses. The other side of that coin, of course, is that live betting gives you a chance to double down on a good bet, padding your bankroll more than a simple pre-game wager would.

On average, in-game wagering gives you several hundreds of individual, distinct betting opportunities for every featured game, boosting your daily chances to win by thousands of wagers across the board. Most sportsbooks will even give you a risk-free wager bonus when you make your very first live wager, so you can see if this type of sports betting is for you with zero risk attached!

In reality, every quality online sportsbook should feature all of the types of odds we mentioned above, and if they don't, you need a new one. It's easy to get stuck in a rut betting the same lines over and over and over again, but you can avoid that when wagering with our top choices for the best USA online sportsbooks. Variety, after all, is the spice of sports betting! While Bovada excels at pretty much every aspect of online sports wagering, the site really shines when it comes to live betting, particularly via their award-winning mobile interface.

For maximum enjoyment, live in-game betting really requires a smooth, easy-to-browse interface that is optimized for quick wagers. Bovada does exactly that, and they do it better than anyone else. When you see a number you like, just tap, swipe, submit, and win! Online poker has struggled thus far in the US, due to tight regulations which artificially restrict player pools to a handful or even a single state. The majority of iGaming tax revenue is therefore generated from slots and table games like blackjack.

Furthermore, because online poker is peer-to-peer, some additional regulatory checks must take place, such as safeguards against cheating and collusion. Despite these burdens, Michigan was able to launch its online poker industry far faster than many had predicted. The commercial casinos in Detroit and the 23 tribal casinos sprinkled around the state are on relatively equal footing in Michigan. Each is eligible to engage in iGaming partnerships to expand their footprint over the internet.

There are 12 tribes with gaming compacts with Michigan, according to the most recent state report, with some of the tribes operating multiple casinos. Under the Lawful Internet Gaming Act , the same casinos can offer online casino gaming.

The legislation gives each operator a chance to have one skin for online poker and a skin for online casino. Michigan sports betting operators are subjected to an 8. The Detroit casinos must pay an additional 1. Monies from online betting go to the Internet Sports Betting Fund. The sports betting state tax rate would not be applied to retail wagering at the tribal casinos, like it is for their online sportsbooks.

The Detroit casinos will pay the tax on both retail and online adjusted sports betting receipts. This structure is industry friendly. The fees for an application, licensure, and licensure renewal are the same as sports wagering. Like sports betting, the Detroit casinos owe 1.

Tax revenue goes to various state coffers or causes, but the sticking point in the negotiations to legalize the industry was the Michigan School Aid Fund. Michigan featured a somewhat chaotic start with multiple operators going live on Day 1, many with both online casino and sportsbook products. Gamblers in Michigan now have access to enticing welcome offers, resembling promotions that gamblers have come to know and love in other regulated online casino markets like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With attractive tax rates and plenty of license partners available, MI is an attractive destination for all online gaming sites. Michigan online poker got its start on January 29, , with PokerStars leading the charge.

Their efforts were not in vain. PokerStars has now been first to market in the last two states to launch online poker, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Additional poker platforms, like PartyPoker, are expected to join the action in the near future.

For more than half a decade, several parties have been trying to bring legal and regulated online casino gaming to the state. The effort began with the idea that Michigan might become an online poker-only market, but New Jersey changed the calculus when it authorized a full array of online casino gaming in Michigan efforts then evolved, shifting gears to consider online slots and table games along with poker.

The push inside the Wolverine state was once spearheaded in the Senate by former lawmaker Sen. Mike Kowall. Upon his retirement, the efforts were handed off to State Rep. Brandt Iden in the House. The home base for the legislation had moved from one chamber to the other, but the plan was effectively the same.

After years of work, Iden was able to receive bipartisan support for both online casino and online sports wagering in late , just a handful of months after the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA. But despite the successful passage of the gaming expansion package, former Gov. Rick Snyder, who was set to leave office, vetoed the bills on his way out the door. It came as a surprise to many, including Iden. Snyder explained that he wanted to let the next governor, former state lawmaker Gretchen Whitmer, make the call.

The legislation faced hurdles in thanks to the fund, which is largely reliant on the lottery. Fortunately, it was all hashed out, with Whitmer agreeing to a lower tax rate for sports betting in exchange for a higher rate on online casino.